Thursday, April 17, 2014
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P114-02-183 2014 Synthesis and crystal structure of tetrakis(1,3-diphenyl-1,3-propanedionato) zirconium(IV) M Steyn, HG Visser, A Roodt v114n02p183a.txt v114n02p183.pdf
P114-02-173 2014 Ion exchange technology for the efficient recovery of precious metals from waste and low-grade streams V Yahorava, M Kotze v114n02p173a.txt v114n02p173.pdf
P114-02-167 2014 Formation of amorphous Ti-50 at.% Pt by solid-state reactions during mechanical alloying ML Mahlatji, S Chikosha, HK Chikwanda, WE Stumpf, CW Siyasiya v114n02p167a.txt v114n02p167.pdf
P114-02-157 2014 Technical and economic aspects of promotion of cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts by noble metals - a review M de Beer, A Kunene, D Nabaho, M Claeys, E van Steen v114n02p157a.txt v114n02p157.pdf
P114-02-151 2014 Investigating the chromium-platinum coated system N Hanief, CI Lang, M Topic v114n02p151a.txt v114n02p151.pdf
P114-02-145 2014 Structural and electrical characteristics of printed silver and palladium nanoparticle networks CB van den Berg, M Topic?, B Magunje, DT Britton, M Harting v114n02p145a.txt v114n02p145.pdf
P114-02-137 2014 Aspects of coloured precious metal intermetallic compounds E van der Lingen v114n02p137a.txt v114n02p137.pdf
P114-01-131 2014 Between-laboratory biases?same sample, different answers. Some guidelines M. McWha v114n01p131a.txt v114n01p131.pdf
P114-01-121 2014 Mechanical sampling - a manufacturer?s perspective RC Steinhaus, RCA Minnitt v114n01p121a.txt v114n01p121.pdf
P114-01-109 2014 The allocation of gold production from multiple shafts feeding a common treatment plant using run-of-mine sampling of ore deliveries HE Bartlett, L Korff, RCA Minnitt v114n01p109a.txt v114n01p109.pdf
P114-01-103 2014 Mine to metal: a practical balance for a large platinum producer HE Bartlett, MJ Liebenberg v114n01p103a.txt v114n01p103.pdf
P114-01-091 2014 An overview of sampling best practice in African mining IC Spangenberg, RCA Minnitt v114n01p091a.txt v114n01p091.pdf
P114-01-083 2014 Metal accounting and corporate governance PG Gaylard, NG Randolph, CMG Wortley v114n01p083a.txt v114n01p083.pdf
P114-01-063 2014 Sampling in the South African minerals industry RCA Minnitt v114n01p063a.txt v114n01p063.pdf
P114-01-053 2014 Best practice sampling methods, assay techniques, and quality control with reference to the platinum group elements (PGEs) K Lomberg v114n01p053a.txt v114n01p053.pdf
P114-01-047 2014 Pitfalls in Vezin sampling for finely crushed materials C Kruger, E van Tonder v114n01p047a.txt v114n01p047.pdf
P114-01-039 2014 Sampling the coal chain PE Hand v114n01p039a.txt v114n01p039.pdf
P114-01-031 2014 Determination of sampling configuration for near-shore diamondiferous gravel occurrence using geostatistical methods J Jacob, C Prins, A Oelofsen v114n01p031a.txt v114n01p031.pdf
P114-01-019 2014 The ?simulated chip-sample model? as a method for quantifying error and bias in sampling thin carboniferous reef types D Fourie, RCA Minnitt v114n01p019a.txt v114n01p019.pdf
P114-01-007 2014 Sample support size and spacing determination for resource development of a marine placer gold deposit P Saravanakumar?Z, GJ Brown, G van Eck v114n01p007a.txt v114n01p007.pdf
P114-01-001 2014 From metal to money: the importance of reliable metallurgical accounting D Seke v114n01p001a.txt v114n01p001.pdf
P113-12-941 2013 A study on the effect of coke particle size on the thermal profile of the sinters produced in Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) A Dabbagh, A Heidary Moghadam, S Naderi, M Hamdi v113n12p941a.txt v113n12p941.pdf
P113-12-931 2013 Optimizing shaft pressure losses through computational fluid dynamics modelling WJ Kempson, RCW Webber-Youngman, JP Meyer v113n12p931a.txt v113n12p931.pdf
P113-12-923 2013 Application of ecosystem function analysis (EFA) in assessing mine tailings rehabilitation: an example from the Mhangura Copper Mine tailings, Zimbabwe GM Dowo, S Kativu, DJ Tongway v113n12p923a.txt v113n12p923.pdf
P113-12-913 2013 Towards an understanding of dynamic demand on ground support Y Potvin, J Wesseloo v113n12p913a.txt v113n12p913.pdf
P113-12-905 2013 Influence of particle shape on the flotation of magnetite, alone and in the presence of quartz particles F Dehghani, M Rahimi, B Rezai v113n12p905a.txt v113n12p905.pdf
P113-12-899 2013 Particle collision during the tribo-electrostatic beneficiation of fly ash based on infrared thermography HS Li, YH Chen, KB Wu, XX Zhang v113n12p899a.txt v113n12p899.pdf
P113-12-889 2013 A review of real-time optimization in underground mining production Z Song, M Rinne, A van Wageningen v113n12p889a.txt v113n12p889.pdf
P113-11-881 2013 Truck cycle and delay automated data collection system in surface coal mining PG Terrazas Prado, V Kecojevic, D Bogunovic, P Mongeon v113n11p881a.txt v113n11p881.pdf
P113-11-877 2013 Effect of microemulsified collector on froth flotation of coal L Li, X Lu, J Qiu, D Liu v113n11p877a.txt v113n11p877.pdf
P113-11-865 2013 Petrological characterization of coal: an evolving science JM Richards, G Naude, SJ Theron, M McCullum v113n11p865a.txt v113n11p865.pdf
P113-11-859 2013 The three-product cyclone: adding value to South African coal processing J Jacobs, GJ de Korte v113n11p859a.txt v113n11p859.pdf
P113-11-849 2013 Probability of failure of South African coal pillars JN van der Merwe, M Mathey v113n11p849a.txt v113n11p849.pdf
P113-11-841 2013 Update of coal pillar strength formulae for South African coal using two methods of analysis JN van der Merwe, M Mathey v113n11p841a.txt v113n11p841.pdf
P113-11-825 2013 Update of coal pillar database for South African coal mining JN van der Merwe, M Mathey v113n11p825a.txt v113n11p825.pdf
P113-11-817 2013 Techno-economic impact of optimized lowgrade thermal coal export production through beneficiation modelling JP Bergh, RMS Falcon, LM Falcon v113n11p817a.txt v113n11p817.pdf
P113-11-809 2013 The effect of substituting fractions of imported coking coals with coke oven tar on coal blend, carbonization, and coke properties SS Makgato, R.M.S. Falcon v113n11p809a.txt v113n11p809.pdf
P113-11-803 2013 Moisture adsorption and desorption characteristics of some South African coals QP Campbell, MD Barnardo, JR Bunt v113n11p803a.txt v113n11p803.pdf
P113-10-801 2013 KX36 - rediscovering the diamond exploration potential of the central Kalahari in Botswana - Erratum AJ Rogers, TG Hough, JM Davidson v113n10p801a.txt v113n10p801.pdf
P113-10-795 2013 The absence of strategy in orepass planning, design, and management J Hadjigeorgiou, TR Stacey v113n10p795a.txt v113n10p795.pdf
P113-10-787 2013 Relating high-resolution tilt measurements to the source displacement of an M2.2 event located at Mponeng gold mine P Share, A Milev, R Durrheim, J Kuijpers, H Ogasawara v113n10p787a.txt v113n10p787.pdf
P113-10-775 2013 Integrated optimization of underground mine design and scheduling J Little, P Knights, E Topal v113n10p775a.txt v113n10p775.pdf
P113-10-769 2013 A framework to simplify the management of throughput and constraints A Cambitsis v113n10p769a.txt v113n10p769.pdf
P113-10-761 2013 Yield improvement at a mid-sized coal mine in the Witbank coalfields JO Claassen v113n10p761a.txt v113n10p761.pdf
P113-10-747 2013 The use of change management and behaviour-based training in an improvement project aimed at creating organizational sustainability in a multicultural mining environment in Zambia HB Prinsloo, JO Claassen v113n10p747a.txt v113n10p747.pdf
P113-09-741 2013 Annual Financial Statement for the SAIMM Scholarship Fund - v113n09p741.pdf
P113-09-725 2013 Annual Financial Statement - v113n09p725.pdf
P113-09-697 2013 Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2013 - v113n09p697.pdf
P113-09-685 2013 Proceedings, 116th Annual General Meeting, 2013 - v113n09p685.pdf
P113-09-677 2013 The role of metallurgy in enhancing beneficiation in the South African mining industry M Dworzanowski v113n09p677.pdf