Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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P115-06-557 2015 Introduction to the production of clean steel JD Steenkamp, L du Preez v115n06p557a.txt v115n06p557.pdf
P115-06-549 2015 Geometallurgical model of a copper sulphide mine for long-term planning G Compan, E Pizarro, A Videla v115n06p549a.txt v115n06p549.pdf
P115-06-541 2015 Q-coda estimation in the Kaapvaal Craton DJ Birch, A Cichowicz, D Grobbelaar v115n06p541a.txt v115n06p541.pdf
P115-06-531 2015 Stochastic simulation for budget prediction for large surface mines in the South African mining industry J. Hager, VSS Yadavalli, R Webber-Youngman v115n06p531a.txt v115n06p531.pdf
P115-06-523 2015 Integration of imprecise and biased data into mineral resource estimates A Cornah, E Machaka v115n06p523a.txt v115n06p523.pdf
P115-06-515 2015 Strategic and tactical requirements of a mining long-term plan BJ Kloppers, CJ Horn, JVZ Visser v115n06p515a.txt v115n06p515.pdf
P115-06-507 2015 Fire and brimstone: The roasting of a Merensky PGM concentrate RI Rambiyana, P den Hoed, AM Garbers-Craig v115n06p507a.txt v115n06p507.pdf
P115-06-499 2015 Corrosion resistance of laser-cladded 304L stainless steel enriched with ruthenium additions exposed to sulphuric acid and sodium chloride media J van der Merwe, D Tharandt v115n06p499a.txt v115n06p499.pdf
P115-06-489 2015 The application of pumpable emulsions in narrow-reef stoping SP Pearton v115n06p489a.txt v115n06p489.pdf
P115-06-481 2015 Crush pillar support - designing for controlled pillar failure M du Plessis, DF Malan v115n06p481a.txt v115n06p481.pdf
P115-06-471 2015 Tough choices facing the South African mining industry A Lane, J Guzek, W van Antwerpen v115n06p471a.txt v115n06p471.pdf
P115-06-465 2015 Predicting the probability of Iron-Rich Ultramafic Pegmatite (IRUP) in the Merensky Reef at Lonmin?s Karee Mine D Hoffmann, S Plumb v115n06p465a.txt v115n06p465.pdf
P115-05-457 2015 Numerical simulation of multiphase flow in a Vanyukov furnace HL Zhang, CQ Zhou, WU Bing, YM Chen v115n05p457a.txt v115n05p457.pdf
P115-05-449 2015 Unplanned dilution and ore loss prediction in longhole stoping mines via multiple regression and artificial neural network analyses H Jang, E Topal, Y Kawamura v115n05p449a.txt v115n05p449.pdf
P115-05-441 2015 Hydraulic support instability mechanism and its control in a fullymechanized steep coal seam working face with large mining height Y Yuan, SH Tu, FT Wang, XG Zhang, B Li v115n05p441a.txt v115n05p441.pdf
P115-05-435 2015 Pre-sink shaft safety analysis using wireline geophysics N Andersen v115n05p435a.txt v115n05p435.pdf
P115-05-425 2015 Equipment selection based on the AHP and Yager?s method M Yavuz v115n05p425a.txt v115n05p425.pdf
P115-05-419 2015 Modelling and optimization of a rotary kiln direct reduction process HP Kritzinger, TC Kingsley v115n05p419a.txt v115n05p419.pdf
P115-05-409 2015 A finite difference model of the iron ore sinter process J Muller, TL de Vries, BA Dippenaar, JC Vreugdenburg v115n05p409a.txt v115n05p409.pdf
P115-05-395 2015 Interaction of dust with the DC plasma arc - a computational modelling investigation QG Reynolds v115n05p395a.txt v115n05p395.pdf
P115-05-385 2015 Value-in-use model for chlorination of titania feedstocks S Maharajh, J Muller, JH Zietsman v115n05p385a.txt v115n05p385.pdf
P115-05-375 2015 The recovery of platinum group metals from low-grade concentrates to an iron alloy using silicon carbide as reductant W Malan, G Akdogan, S Bradshaw, GA Bezuidenhout v115n05p375a.txt v115n05p375.pdf
P115-05-363 2015 Modelling of fluid flow phenomena in Peirce-Smith copper converters and analysis of combined blowing concept DK Chibwe, G Akdogan, P Taskinen, JJ Eksteen v115n05p363a.txt v115n05p363.pdf
P115-05-355 2015 Physical and numerical modelling of a four-strand steelmaking tundish using flow analysis of different configurations JH Cloete, G Akdogan, SM Bradshaw, DK Chibwe v115n05p355a.txt v115n05p355.pdf
P115-05-349 2015 Sonic injection into a PGM Peirce-Smith converter: CFD modelling and industrial trials DK Chibwe, G Akdogan, GA Bezuidenhout, JPT Kapusta, S Bradshaw, JJ Eksteen v115n05p349a.txt v115n05p349.pdf
P115-05-339 2015 Representation of coal and coal derivatives in process modelling JA Theron, E le Roux v115n05p339a.txt v115n05p339.pdf
P115-04-335 2015 Air drying of fine coal in a fluidized bed M Le Roux, QP Campbell, MJ van Rensburg, ES Peters, C Stiglingh v115n04p335a.txt v115n04p335.pdf
P115-04-329 2015 Evaluation of some optimum moisture and binder conditions for coal fines briquetting P Venter, N Naude v115n04p329a.txt v115n04p329.pdf
P115-04-321 2015 The viability of using the Witwatersrand gold mine tailings for brickmaking M Malatse, S Ndlovu v115n04p321a.txt v115n04p321.pdf
P115-04-313 2015 LHD optimization at an underground chromite mine W Mbhalati v115n04p313a.txt v115n04p313.pdf
P115-04-307 2015 Critical investigation into the problems surrounding pillar holing operations JP Labuschagne, H Yilmaz, L Mpolokeng v115n04p307a.txt v115n04p307.pdf
P115-04-297 2015 Explosives utilization at a Witwatersrand gold mine M Gaula v115n04p297a.txt v115n04p297.pdf
P115-04-285 2015 Optimization of shuttle car utilization at an underground coal mine PR Segopolo v115n04p285a.txt v115n04p285.pdf
P115-04-271 2015 A critical evaluation of the water reticulation system at Vlaklaagte Shaft, Goedehoop Colliery R Lombard v115n04p271a.txt v115n04p271.pdf
P115-04-265 2015 Mining through areas affected by abnormal stress conditions at Syferfontein Colliery C Legote v115n04p265a.txt v115n04p265.pdf
P115-04-251 2015 Re-aligning the cutting sequence with general support work and drafting a support sequence at Simunye Shaft K Lombard v115n04p251a.txt v115n04p251.pdf
P115-03-241 2015 High-order additions to platinum-based alloys for high-temperature applications BO Odera, MJ Papo, R Couperthwaite, GO Rading, D Billing, LA Cornish v115n03p241a.txt v115n03p241.pdf
P115-03-235 2015 Multifractal interpolation method for spatial data with singularities Q Cheng v115n03p235a.txt v115n03p235.pdf
P115-03-229 2015 Enrichment of low-grade colemanite concentrate by Knelson Concentrator T Uslu, O Celep, M Savas v115n03p229a.txt v115n03p229.pdf
P115-03-221 2015 A comparison of models for the recovery of minerals in a UG2 platinum ore by batch flotation NV Ramlall, BK Loveday v115n03p221a.txt v115n03p221.pdf
P115-03-209 2015 A stochastic simulation framework for truck and shovel selection and sizing in open pit mines SR Dindarloo, M Osanloo, S Frimpong v115n03p209a.txt v115n03p209.pdf
P115-03-199 2015 Chemical wear analysis of a tap-hole on a SiMn production furnace JD Steenkamp, PC Pistorius, M Tangstad v115n03p199a.txt v115n03p199.pdf
P115-03-193 2015 Laser surface alloying of Al with Cu and Mo powders SL Pityana, ST Camagu, J Dutta Majumdar v115n03p193a.txt v115n03p193.pdf
P115-03-185 2015 Utilization of the Brazilian test for estimating the uniaxial compressive strength and shear strength parameters K Karaman, F Cihangir, B Ercikdi, A Kesimal, S Demirel v115n03p185a.txt v115n03p185.pdf
P115-03-179 2015 Avoiding structural failures on mobile bulk materials handling equipment MJ Schmidt, BWJ van Rensburg v115n03p179a.txt v115n03p179.pdf
P115-03-173 2015 Comparison of linear polarization resistance corrosion monitoring probe readings and immersion test results for typical cooling water conditions JW van der Merwe, A Palazzo v115n03p173a.txt v115n03p173.pdf
P115-02-165 2015 Technological developments for spatial prediction of soil properties, and Danie Krige?s influence on it R Webster v115n02p165a.txt v115n02p165.pdf
P115-02-161 2015 A new preparation scheme for a difficult-tofloat coking coal by column flotation following grinding Y Liaoa, Y Caoa, Z Hub, X Taoc v115n02p161a.txt v115n02p161.pdf
P115-02-153 2015 Thermophysical properties of rocks from the Bushveld Complex MQW Jones v115n02p153a.txt v115n02p153.pdf
P115-02-145 2015 Estimating mine planning software utilization for decision-making strategies in the South African gold mining sector B Genc, C Musingwini, T Celik v115n02p145a.txt v115n02p145.pdf