Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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P114-11-957 2014 Perceptions of the impact of board members? individual perspectives on the social and environmental performance of companies J Stacey, A Stacey v114n11p957a.txt v114n11p957.pdf
P114-11-951 2014 Beneficiation of marble from Griekwastad, Northern Cape Province NP Mahumapelo, C Magaseng v114n11p951a.txt v114n11p951.pdf
P114-11-945 2014 Characterization and flocculation studies of fine coal tailings S Kumar, S Bhattacharya, NR Mandre v114n11p945a.txt v114n11p945.pdf
P114-11-937 2014 Liquid-liquid extraction and separation of copper(II) and nickel(II) using LIX?984N NB Devi, B Nayak v114n11p937a.txt v114n11p937.pdf
P114-11-929 2014 Optimizing value on a copper mine by adopting a geometallurgical solution AS Macfarlane, TP Williams v114n11p929a.txt v114n11p929.pdf
P114-11-923 2014 Strategy towards a mining industry - wide Buyand - Maintain Quiet initiative to reduce noise induced hearing loss H Gumede, K Blomerus, D Coutts, J DeBeer v114n11p923a.txt v114n11p923.pdf
P114-11-913 2014 Comparison between artisanal and smallscale mining in Ghana and South Africa: lessons learnt and ways forward AA Debrah, I Watson, DPO Quansah v114n11p913a.txt v114n11p913.pdf
P114-11-905 2014 Translocation of an endangered succulent plant species from sandstone outcrops earmarked for coal mining E Harris, SJ Siebert, JHL Smit, J van den Berg v114n11p905a.txt v114n11p905.pdf
P114-11-899 2014 Post-mining land use opportunities in developing countries - a review D Limpitlaw, A Briel v114n11p899a.txt v114n11p899.pdf
P114-11-887 2014 A quantitative method for selecting renewable energy projects in the mining industry based on sustainability M Mostert v114n11p887a.txt v114n11p887.pdf
P114-11-881 2014 Tiger?s eye in the Northern Cape Province - potential for employment creation and poverty alleviation PF Ledwaba v114n11p881a.txt v114n11p881.pdf
P114-10-875 2014 The application of geophysics in South African coal mining and exploration M van Schoor, CJS Fourie v114n10p875a.txt v114n10p875.pdf
P114-10-863 2014 Design and positive financial impact of crush pillars on mechanized deep-level mining at South Deep Gold Mine BP Watson, W Pretorius, P Mpunzi, M du Plooy, K Matthysen, JS Kuijpers v114n10p863a.txt v114n10p863.pdf
P114-10-855 2014 Focal depths of South African earthquakes and mine events MBC Brandt v114n10p855a.txt v114n10p855.pdf
P114-10-845 2014 Outsourcing in the mining industry: decision-making framework and critical success factors CJH Steenkamp, E van der Lingen v114n10p845a.txt v114n10p845.pdf
P114-10-835 2014 Estimation of future ground vibration levels in Malmberget town due to mining-induced seismic activity T Wettainen, J Martinsson v114n10p835a.txt v114n10p835.pdf
P114-10-829 2014 Testing tendon support units under a combination loading scenario NL Ayres, LJ Gardner v114n10p829a.txt v114n10p829.pdf
P114-10-823 2014 Evaluation of the spatial variation of bvalue J Wesseloo v114n10p823a.txt v114n10p823.pdf
P114-10-815 2014 Grid-based analysis of seismic data J Wesseloo, K Woodward, J Pereira v114n10p815a.txt v114n10p815.pdf
P114-10-811 2014 Management of the Nkomati Mine crusher slope failure R Armstrong, K Moletsane v114n10p811a.txt v114n10p811.pdf
P114-10-801 2014 Pillar behaviour and seismicity in platinum mines SM Spottiswoode, M Drummond v114n10p801a.txt v114n10p801.pdf
P114-10-791 2014 In situ monitoring of primary roofbolts at underground coal mines in the USA AJS Spearing, A Hyett v114n10p791a.txt v114n10p791.pdf
P114-10-785 2014 Unique fall-of-ground prevention strategy implemented at Two Rivers Platinum Mine A Esterhuizen v114n10p785a.txt v114n10p785.pdf
P114-10-773 2014 Fan-structure shear rupture mechanism as a source of shear rupture rockbursts BG Tarasov v114n10p773a.txt v114n10p773.pdf
P114-10-765 2014 Time-dependent tensile strengths of Bushveld Complex rocks and implications for rock failure around mining excavations D Nyungu, TR Stacey v114n10p765a.txt v114n10p765.pdf
P114-10-755 2014 Extending empirical evidence through numerical modelling in rock engineering design GS Esterhuizen v114n10p755a.txt v114n10p755.pdf
P114-09-749 2014 Annual Financial Statement for the SAIMM Scholarship Fund - v114n09p749.pdf
P114-09-733 2014 Annual Financial Statement - v114n09p733.pdf
P114-09-703 2014 Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2014 - v114n09p703.pdf
P114-09-693 2014 Proceedings, 117th Annual General Meeting, 2014 - v114n09p693.pdf
P114-09-681 2014 Presidential Address: Are efforts to mechanize SA mines too focused on machinery rather than technology? JL Porter v114n09p681a.txt v114n09p681.pdf
P114-09-00b 2014 Profiles of the Branch Chairmen - v114n09p00b.pdf
P114-09-00a 2014 Introduction to our new President - v114n09p00a.pdf
P114-08-673 2014 Multivariate block simulations of a lateritic nickel deposit and post-processing of a representative subset J Deraisme, O Bertoli, P Epinoux v114n08p673a.txt v114n08p673.pdf
P114-08-667 2014 On the reduction of algorithmic smoothing of kriged estimates L Tolmay v114n08p667a.txt v114n08p667.pdf
P114-08-659 2014 Application of a localized direct conditioning mineral resource modelling technique for medium- and long-term planning of underground mining operations W Assibey-Bonsu, C Muller, H Pretorius v114n08p659a.txt v114n08p659.pdf
P114-08-651 2014 Factorial kriging for multiscale modelling YZ Ma, J-J Royer, H Wang, Y Wang, T Zhang v114n08p651a.txt v114n08p651.pdf
P114-08-645 2014 Iron oxide Cu-Au (IOCG) mineralizing systems: an example from northeastern Russia A Kostin, A Vedyaev, G Rafat v114n08p645a.txt v114n08p645.pdf
P114-08-639 2014 On localizing uniform conditioning estimates O Rondon v114n08p639a.txt v114n08p639.pdf
P114-08-631 2014 Designing an advanced RC drilling grid for short-term planning in open pit mines: three case studies JM Ortiz, EJ Magri v114n08p631a.txt v114n08p631.pdf
P114-08-625 2014 Geostatistical applications in petroleum reservoir modelling R Cao, Y Zee Ma, E Gomez v114n08p625a.txt v114n08p625.pdf
P114-08-619 2014 Limitations in accepting localized conditioning recoverable resource estimates for mediumterm, long-term, and feasibility-stage mining projects, particularly for sections of n ore deposit W Assibey-Bonsu, C Muller v114n08p619a.txt v114n08p619.pdf
P114-08-613 2014 Investigating "optimal" kriging variance estimation using an analytic and a bootstrap approach C Thiart, MZ Ngwenya, LM Haines v114n08p613a.txt v114n08p613.pdf
P114-08-605 2014 Geostatistics: a common link between medical geography, mathematical geology, and medical geology P Goovaerts v114n08p605a.txt v114n08p605.pdf
P114-08-599 2014 Analysis of the dispersion variance using geostatistical simulation and blending piles DM Marques, JF Costa v114n08p599a.txt v114n08p599.pdf
P114-08-587 2014 Witwatersrand gold reef evaluation: the "variancegram" tool C Lemmer, M Mogilnicki v114n08p587a.txt v114n08p587.pdf
P114-08-575 2014 Use of geostatistical Bayesian updating to integrate airborne radiometrics and soil geochemistry to improve mapping for mineral exploration JM McKinley, CV Deutsch, C Neufeld, M Patton, M Cooper, ME Young v114n08p575a.txt v114n08p575.pdf
P114-08-00e 2014 List of papers published by Danie Krige from 1951 - 2001 - v114n08p00e.pdf
P114-08-00d 2014 Memories of Danie Krige - Geostatistician Extraordinaire - v114n08p00d.pdf
P114-08-00c 2014 Criteria for the Annual Danie Krige Medal Award - v114n08p00c.pdf