Saturday, August 02, 2014
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P114-06-497 2014 Life-of-mine ventilation and refrigeration planning for Resolution Copper Mine S Bluhm, R Moreby, F von Glehn, C Pascoe v114n06p497a.txt v114n06p497.pdf
P114-06-489 2014 A methodology for determining the erosion profile of the freeze lining in submerged arc furnace H Dong, H-J Wang, S-J Chu v114n06p489a.txt v114n06p489.pdf
P114-06-481 2014 A new process for the recovery of iron, vanadium, and titanium from vanadium titanomagnetite SY Chen, MS Chu v114n06p481a.txt v114n06p481.pdf
P114-06-471 2014 Estimation of rock strength from quantitative assessment of rock texture CA Ozturk, E Nasuf, S Kahraman v114n06p471a.txt v114n06p471.pdf
P114-06-463 2014 Design principles for optimizing an established survey slope monitoring system N Mphathiwa, FT Cawood v114n06p463a.txt v114n06p463.pdf
P114-06-455 2014 Empirical observations of dilution in panel caving RL Castro, PS Paredes v114n06p455a.txt v114n06p455.pdf
P114-06-445 2014 Dealing with open fire in an underground coal mine by ventilation control techniques N Sahay, A Sinha, B Haribabu?, PK Roychoudhary v114n06p445a.txt v114n06p445.pdf
P114-06-435 2014 Risk indexing tool for mine planning W Abdellah, HS Mitri, D Thibodeau, L Moreau-Verlaan v114n06p435a.txt v114n06p435.pdf
P114-06-427 2014 A heuristic sublevel stope optimizer with multiple raises X Bai, D Marcotte, R Simon v114n06p427a.txt v114n06p427.pdf
P114-06-419 2014 A computational fluid dynamics model for investigating air flow patterns in underground coal mine sections DD Ndenguma, J Dirker, NDL Burger v114n06p419a.txt v114n06p419.pdf
P114-05-418 2014 Erratum: A study on the effect of coke particle size on the thermal profile of the sinters produced in Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) A Dabbagh, A Heidary Moghadam, S Naderi, M Hamdi v114n05p418.pdf
P114-05-411 2014 Universities and decision-making: programme and qualification mix - four learning pathways WP Nel v114n05p411a.txt v114n05p411.pdf
P114-05-401 2014 Atmospheric oxidative and non-oxidative leaching of Ni-Cu matte by acidified ferric chloride solution LM Sekhukhune, F Ntuli, E Muzenda v114n05p401a.txt v114n05p401.pdf
P114-05-391 2014 Thermodynamic analysis and experimental study of manganese ore alloy and dephosphorization in converter steelmaking G Chen, S He v114n05p391a.txt v114n05p391.pdf
P114-05-383 2014 Evaluation of different adsorbents for copper removal from cobalt electrolyte V Yahorava, M Kotze, D Auerswald v114n05p383a.txt v114n05p383.pdf
P114-05-375 2014 Evaluation of a Versatic 10 acid / Nicksyn? synergistic system for the recovery of nickel and cobalt from a typical lateritic leach liquor AC du Preez, MH Kotze v114n05p375a.txt v114n05p375.pdf
P114-05-365 2014 Challenges and successes at the Nkomati Nickel JV: pit-to product process improvements G Cockburn v114n05p365a.txt v114n05p365.pdf
P114-05-355 2014 Sulphuric acid plant water saving options RJ Forzatti, I Natha, L Roux, DA van den Berg v114n05p355a.txt v114n05p355.pdf
P114-04-347 2014 Comparing the extent of the dissolution of copper-cobalt ores from the DRC Region S Stuurman, S Ndlovu, V Sibanda v114n04p347a.txt v114n04p347.pdf
P114-04-341 2014 Wear of magnesia-chrome refractory bricks as a function of matte temperature M Lange, AM Garbers-Craig, R Cromarty v114n04p341a.txt v114n04p341.pdf
P114-04-331 2014 The recovery of manganese products from ferromanganese slag using a hydrometallurgical route SJ Baumgartner,DR Groot v114n04p331a.txt v114n04p331.pdf
P114-04-325 2014 Development of a method for evaluating raw materials for use in iron ore sinter in terms of lime assimilation W Ferreira, R Cromarty, J de Villiers v114n04p325a.txt v114n04p325.pdf
P114-04-317 2014 Laser cladding AA2014 with a Al-Cu-Si compound for increased wear resistance KJ Kruger, M du Toit v114n04p317a.txt v114n04p317.pdf
P114-04-311 2014 Arnot?s readiness to prevent a Pike River disaster R Weber v114n04p311a.txt v114n04p311.pdf
P114-04-305 2014 Investigation of cavity formation in lump coal in the context of underground coal gasification C Hsu, PT Davies, NJ Wagner, S Kauchali v114n04p305a.txt v114n04p305.pdf
P114-04-299 2014 A comparative study between shuttle cars and battery haulers WH Holtzhausen v114n04p299a.txt v114n04p299.pdf
P114-04-293 2014 A critical evaluation of haul truck tyre performance and management system at R?ssing Uranium Mine TS Kagogo v114n04p293a.txt v114n04p293.pdf
P114-03-285 2014 Production reconciliation of a multivariate uniform conditioning technique for mineral resource modelling of a porphyry copper gold deposit W Assibey-Bonsu, J Deraisme, E Garcia, P Gomez, H Rios v114n03p285a.txt v114n03p285.pdf
P114-03-275 2014 Enhanced geological modelling of the Upper Elsburg reefs and VCR to optimize mechanized mine planning at South Deep Gold Mine K Osburn, H Pretorius, D Kock, N King, R Pillaye, M Hlangwane v114n03p275a.txt v114n03p275.pdf
P114-03-265 2014 Mineral resource classification: a comparison of new and existing techniques DSF Silva, J B Boisvert v114n03p265a.txt v114n03p265.pdf
P114-03-255 2014 Capping and kriging grades with longtailed distributions M Maleki, N Madani, X Emery v114n03p255a.txt v114n03p255.pdf
P114-03-251 2014 Improved variography using simulated annealing to adjust sample locations to align with diamondiferous linear beach structures CF Prins, J Jacob v114n03p251a.txt v114n03p251.pdf
P114-03-245 2014 Kriging, indicators, and nonlinear geostatistics J Rivoirard, X Freulon, C Demange, A L?cureuil v114n03p245a.txt v114n03p245.pdf
P114-03-237 2014 Genetic algorithms and scenario reduction M Armstrong, A Vincent, A Galli, C M?heut v114n03p237a.txt v114n03p237.pdf
P114-03-231 2014 Validity range of the discrete Gaussian change-of-support model and its variant J-P Chil v114n03p231a.txt v114n03p231.pdf
P114-03-223 2014 Checks and measures of performance for kriging estimates JL Deutsch, J Szymanski, CV Deutsch v114n03p223a.txt v114n03p223.pdf
P114-03-213 2014 Communicating confidence in Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves MA Nopp v114n03p213a.txt v114n03p213.pdf
P114-03-205 2014 Localized uniform conditioning (LUC): method and application case studies MZ Abzalov v114n03p205a.txt v114n03p205.pdf
P114-03-189 2014 Cokriging for optimal mineral resource estimates in mining operations RCA Minnitt, CV Deutsch v114n03p189a.txt v114n03p189.pdf
P114-03-00f 2014 List of papers published by Professor Danie Krige - v114n03p00f.pdf
P114-03-00e 2014 Memories of Danie Krige, Geostatistician Extraordinaire - v114n03p00e.pdf
P114-03-00d 2014 Criteria for the Annual Danie Krige Medal Award - v114n03p00d.pdf
P114-03-00c 2014 Professor Danie Krige FRSSAf - v114n03p00c.pdf
P114-03-00b 2014 In Memory of Danie Krige - v114n03p00b.pdf
P114-03-00a 2014 Foreword - Danie Krige - v114n03p00a.pdf
P114-02-183 2014 Synthesis and crystal structure of tetrakis(1,3-diphenyl-1,3-propanedionato) zirconium(IV) M Steyn, HG Visser, A Roodt v114n02p183a.txt v114n02p183.pdf
P114-02-173 2014 Ion exchange technology for the efficient recovery of precious metals from waste and low-grade streams V Yahorava, M Kotze v114n02p173a.txt v114n02p173.pdf
P114-02-167 2014 Formation of amorphous Ti-50 at.% Pt by solid-state reactions during mechanical alloying ML Mahlatji, S Chikosha, HK Chikwanda, WE Stumpf, CW Siyasiya v114n02p167a.txt v114n02p167.pdf
P114-02-157 2014 Technical and economic aspects of promotion of cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts by noble metals - a review M de Beer, A Kunene, D Nabaho, M Claeys, E van Steen v114n02p157a.txt v114n02p157.pdf
P114-02-151 2014 Investigating the chromium-platinum coated system N Hanief, CI Lang, M Topic v114n02p151a.txt v114n02p151.pdf