The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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  • Bruce Fordyce Writes Article to Commend SAIMM Honorary Life Fellow Peter Knottenbelt on His Courage and Recovery After the Crocodile Attack

    Bruce Fordyce Writes Article to Commend SAIMM Honorary Life Fellow Peter Knottenbelt on His Courage and Recovery After the Crocodile Attack

    Until the beginning of this year, Peter Knottenbelt was an ordinary Ebotse parkrunner with 14 parkrun finishes to his name. (Well not so ordinary; running in the VM 70-74 age category Peter had a recent PB of 26;33 and a 67% age grading, run at altitude on the tough Ebotse course).

    All this changed while Peter was on holiday in the lowveld near Hoedspruit at a lodge on the Olifants River. Peter and friends and family were having fun in the river and decided to wade across to the far bank. They had been assured that there “are no crocodiles in the river and none have ever been seen in this stretch of the Olifants” At the far side of the river Peter trod on the bony head of a 3 metre long Nile crocodile which promptly seized him by the leg and tried to drag Peter off to drown in deeper water. There followed a harrowing battle in which Peter was severely wounded and tried desperately to thrust his thumbs into the crocodile’s eyes. So hard was he pushing that he also broke his wrists with the effort. It must have been a terrifying experience to realise the blood in the water was his own.

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  • SAIMM President 2018/2019 – Alastair Stuart Macfarlane

    SAIMM President 2018/2019 – Alastair Stuart Macfarlane

    On the 16th of August 2018 Alastair Macfarlane was inducted as the SAIMM President for 2018/2019. The students and members attending the AGM welcomed him as president with applause. We look forward to the impact that Alastair Macfarlane will make during his year in office.

    Towards the future: African Mining Vision, Mining Phakisa and the SAIMM

    Recent winds of political change blowing through the African continent have created the hope of a new dawn for the mining industry, and for renewed impetus to support the African Mining Vision.

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  • Conference Review: Copper Cobalt Africa

    Copper Cobalt Africa, hosted by the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), took place from 10 to 12 July 2018. The conference was held in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Zambia, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the mighty Victoria Falls. Recent strong rises in the prices of copper and cobalt, coupled with increasing international interest in developments in the African Copperbelt, attracted over 300 delegates, representing 22 countries.

    CuCoAfrica Dignitaries: L-R:
    Mooya Lumamba (Director of Mines and Minerals, Zambia), Jackson Sikamo (Chairperson and Country Manager at Chibuluma Mines Plc, Zambia), Sehliselo Ndlovu (President: SAIMM), Paul Chanda (Permanent Secretary: Zambia Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development), Sokwani Chilembo (CEO Zambian Chamber of Mines), Darius Muma (Zambian Branch Chair: SAIMM), Kathy Sole (Conference Chair: Copper Cobalt Africa 2018).

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From the President's Corner

  • Seeing the value of the SAIMM

    Being the President of a professional organization like the SAIMM can be quite demanding. However, it’s not always stressful because there are quite a few pleasures and privileges that accompany the job. One of the significant pleasures is the interaction with members at all the numerous events that are organized by the Institute. Here you get to talk and listen

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  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Minerals Industry

    A number of studies have confirmed that there is a positive relationship between diversity and business performance, and that diversity in leadership roles is what tends to define the success of a business. This is because knowledge creation and application is enriched by a variety of skills, experience, and cultural diversity. The more diverse a team, the more perspectives, the

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  • Upskilling the heroes of the mining industry

    I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to listen to one of the most well-known and admired person in South Africa; the former Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela. She gave keynote addresses at the International Women’s Day celebration hosted by the Motsepe Foundation and at the pre-AGM dinner for the Chamber of Mines (now known as the Minerals Council South

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From the Journal Comments

  • SOMP Regional Conference

    This edition of the Journal is dedicated to the Society of Mining Professors 6th Regional Conference 2018, which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 12 to 14 March. This Conference was hosted by Mining Engineering Education South Africa (MEESA) and the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM). MEESA is comprised of the School of Mining Engineering at

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  • From the Editorʼs desk

    The range of topics and the locations of the authors in this month’s edition is an indication of the international nature of the Journal, which is confirmed by the fact that of the 141 papers that were published in the Journal in 2017/2018, 58 were from outside South Africa. This is one of the criteria that ensures that the Journal

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Market News

  • KSB Pumps for University of Pretoria laboratory

    Professor Josua Meyer, Chairman of the School of Engineering and Head of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Pretoria KSB Pumps and Valves has assisted the University of Pretoria in the construction of a large controlled-temperature test unit, which will form the backbone of ongoing research into heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The impressive unit will allow

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  • Roadmap to interoperability

    How can the mining industry meet the challenges of interoperability? GMSG is building a path forward. Monday, April 9, 2018. Interoperability is a large, intricate, and complex issue that can inhibit technological advances in the international mining industry. Players hold widely different views and interpretations as to scope, content, application, and end state. Indeed, GMSG has identified interoperability as a

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Honorary Life Fellows

Honorary Life Fellows are people whom SAIMM desires to honour in consideration of services rendered to the institute, to science, or to industry.  The current Honorary Life Fellows are listed below, according to the year in which they were elected to this status.

1974 D.G.Maxwell 1974 DG Maxwell
1979 Dr.J.P.Hugo 1979 Dr. JP Hugo
 1986 G.Y.Nisbet 1986 GY Nisbet
 1987 Prof.A.N.Brown 1987 Prof. AN Brown
 1988 J.D.Austin 1988 JD Austin
1990 Prof.G.T.vanRooyen  1990 Prof .GT van Rooyen
 1991 Dr.H.Wagner 1991 Dr H Wagner
 1995 H.E.James 1995 HE James
P R Janish  1995 PR Janisch
 1995 R.D.Beck 1995 RD Beck
 1996 J.S.Freer 1996 JS Freer
1996 Prof.R.J.Dippenaar  1996 Prof. RJ Dippenaar
1997 Prof.J.A.Cruise  1997 Prof. JA Cruise
1998 D.A.J.Ross Watt  1998 DAJ Ross Watt
 2000 Dr.N.A.Barcza 2000 Dr. NA Barcza
2000 J.R.Dixon  2000 JR Dixon
 2001 D.J.vanNiekerk 2001 DJ van Niekerk
 2001 M.H.Rogers 2001 MH Rogers
 2002 Dr.L.A.Cramer 2002 Dr. LA Cramer
 2002 J.H.Selby 2002 JH Selby
 2002 Prof.C.T.OConnor 2002 Prof. CT O'Connor
 2002 Prof.R.F.Sandenbergh 2002 Prof. RF Sandenbergh
 2003 P.J.Knottenbelt 2003 PJ Knottenbelt
2005 Prof.F.A.Camisani Calzolari 2005 Prof. FA Camisani Calzolari
 2008 E.U.H.Sachse 2008 EUH Sachse
2010 Dr.R.T.Jones  2010 Prof. RT Jones
 2011 Prof.T.R.Stacey 2011 Prof. TR Stacey
 2014 A.S.Macfarlane 2014 AS Macfarlane
 2014 Dr.G.V.R.Landman 2014 Dr. GVR Landman
 2014 R.G.B Pickering 2014 RGB Pickering
2015 Dr.M.F.Handley 2015 Prof. MF Handley
2015 Dr.O.K.H.Steffen  2015 Dr. OKH Steffen
R C A Minnitt 2016 Prof. RCA Minnitt
S J Ramokgopa 2016 S J Ramokgopa
J L Porter 2016 Prof. JL Porter
G L Smith 2016 Dr. G L Smith
D Tudor 2017 D Tudor
M Woodhall 2018 M Woodhall

Constitution and By-laws

logoSConstitution and by-laws

The amended Constitution and By-laws will be added to the website shortly.

logoSCode of Professional Conduct


In the interests of performing their work with integrity and sincerity and in accordance with generally accepted norms of professional conduct members of the SAIMM are obliged to:

  • Uphold the dignity and standing of their professions and those of the Institute.
  • Have due regard for the welfare, safety and health of the public and the environment in all activities.
  • Only undertake work for which they have been adequately trained, have the necessary experience and are thus competent to perform.
  • Discharge their duties to employers and/or clients effectively and competently, with fidelity and honesty and to respect their employer's confidentiality.
  • Strictly avoid advertising their professional services in a self-laudatory way or in a way which would undermine the dignity of the Institute.
  • Refrain from malicious or negligent conduct that will injure the professional reputation or business of others.
  • Comply with the Constitution of the Institute and where applicable those of legislated Codes of Professional Conduct.

The Code of Professional Conduct appears as By-law H in the Constitution document linked to above.

Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure (PDF)