The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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  • Obituary - Emeritus Professor Dee Bradshaw

    Obituary - Emeritus Professor Dee Bradshaw

    Dee Bradshaw
    22 Sept 1958 to 7 June 2018

    Emeritus Professor Dee Bradshaw passed away on 7th June 2018 after a courageous battle with cancer, just a few months short of her 60th Birthday. Throughout her illness, Dee remained a leading light and inspiration to students, colleagues and professionals across the globe. A major highlight for her in 2018 was the launch of her book “Green Mining: Beyond the Myth” at the Two Ocean’s Aquarium ahead of the Annual Mining Indaba - attended by senior representatives of the Minister of the Presidency, AngloGold Ashanti and the University of Cape Town (UCT) as well as colleagues, students, friends and family. The book culminates a career of thought leadership, a passion for people and minerals in collectively addressing complex, intractable problems in society.

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  • South Africa’s ‘Samcodes way’ a world-beater – Mullins

    South Africa’s ‘Samcodes way’ a world-beater – Mullins

    SAMCODES Chairperson Matt Mullins was recently at the Junior Indaba, speaking to Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly.

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  • Open Journal System

    DOAJThe SAIMM has adopted the Open Journal System (OJS) with the objective of optimizing the management of the paper reviewing process for the Journal.

    Paper submissions will no longer be accepted via the SAIMM Journal submission form on the SAIMM website. Only papers that are currently in the system will follow the existing reviewing process.

    You can now submit manuscripts and peer reviews online. The OJS assists you with every step of the reviewing process. Authors can also check the status of their papers online and referees will receive automated reminders for their reviews.

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From the President's Corner

  • The future of Africa is not so dark

    This month’s Journal edition celebrates the impressive research achievements of some of the 2017 graduates in the mining and metallurgical sector. However, of the eight papers that were selected from the Student Colloquium in October last year, only four were submitted for the reviewing process. Two papers were subsequently accepted for publication and two are being reworked. This is a

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  • Climate change: the impact on the mining sector

    There has recently been a lot of talk about global warming and its impact on weather patterns, i.e. climate change. A keynote address at the recent Infacon conference in Cape Town focused on climate change. Some people believe that this is all a lot of hype. Others (myself included), like the keynote speaker, believe that there is some evidence pointing

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  • Shaping the mining sector through inclusive leadership

    Two weeks ago while having my morning cup of tea, I contemplated, reflected, and marveled at the changes that have occurred in the country and the mining sector in the first six months of my term as the President of the SAIMM. I did not realize then that there was one big change around the corner. They say that a

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From the Journal Comments

  • Where will our future metallurgists come from?

    The 14th Annual SAIMM Student Colloquium 2017 was held at Mintek on 25 October 2017. This is a prestigious annual event where mining and metallurgy students at tertiary institutions can showcase results of their projects to an audience from the greater Southern Africa mining community. The top students are invited to publish their papers in a special issue of the

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  • Platinum — A Changing Industry

    G.L. Smith and R.T. Jones Co-Chairs, Organizing Committee The Seventh International Platinum Conference, entitled ‘Platinum — A Changing Industry’ was held in October 2017 at Polokwane, Limpopo Province in the heart of the northern limb of the Bushveld Complex, the world's biggest platinum-producing region. The event was held in association with the Precious Metals Development Network of the Department of Science

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Market News

  • KSB Pumps for University of Pretoria laboratory

    Professor Josua Meyer, Chairman of the School of Engineering and Head of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Pretoria KSB Pumps and Valves has assisted the University of Pretoria in the construction of a large controlled-temperature test unit, which will form the backbone of ongoing research into heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The impressive unit will allow

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  • Roadmap to interoperability

    How can the mining industry meet the challenges of interoperability? GMSG is building a path forward. Monday, April 9, 2018. Interoperability is a large, intricate, and complex issue that can inhibit technological advances in the international mining industry. Players hold widely different views and interpretations as to scope, content, application, and end state. Indeed, GMSG has identified interoperability as a

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SAIMM Branches

Branch Johannesburg
Name Company Position
Mike Woodhall Gijima AST Chairperson

Branch Pretoria
Name Company Position
Oupa Mothibi University of Pretoria Chairperson

Branch Zululand
Name Company Position
Wynand Erasmus Downer EDI Mining Chairperson

Branch W Cape
Name Company Position
Jenni Sweet University of Cape Town Chairperson

Branch Bushveld
Name Company Position
Clem Sweet   Chairperson

Branch Mpumalanga
Name Company Position
- Vacant - -

Branch Free State
Name Company Position
- Vacant - -

Branch Zambia
Name Company Position
Sixtus Mulenga - Chairperson

Branch Namibia
Name Company Position

Contact Info

The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

P.O. Box 61127, Marshalltown 2107

Tel:+27 (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: +27 (011) 838-5923 or +27 (011) 833-8156

Banking Details

Abigail Lawrence
Journal and Subscription Co-ordinator

Responsible for coordinating all papers for the monthly SAIMM Journal and for updating and sorting out queries and claims for the Journal subscriptions

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Alf Bettoni

Responsible for the Institute�s finances, including credit control and maintenance of accounting procedures. .

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Anna Panana
Conference Secretary

Admin assistant with technical events.

Click here to send an email to Anna
Aphathia Sello
Administration Clerk

Responsible for postage, banking and meeting co-ordination.

Click here to send an email to Lucinda
Dawn van der Walt
DTP Supervisor

Provides a creative and technical support service in terms of printing, layout, etc. of publications, in-house documents, advertisements and covers for the Journal.

Click here to send an email to Dawn
Ginette Oliver
Membership & Subscriptions Administrator

To promote membership and maintain a database of current members. Regional Development - Provides support for services to the Johannesburg Branch.Career Guidance and Education. To project a positive image of the industry to potential employees of the industry through distribution of promotional materials.

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Jackie van der Westhuizen
Conference Co-Ordinator

Admin assistant with technical events..

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Julie Dixon

Manages key Institute functions, and day-to-day operation of the Institute Administration and co-ordination of the participation of Office Bearers, Council and Committees.

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Julie Malgas
DTP Operator

Provides a creative and technical support service in terms of printing, layout, etc of publications, in-house documents, advertisements and covers for the Journal.

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Lucinda Niekerk
Senior Administration Clerk Conference Division and Receptionist

Responsible for all invoicing and assistance with technical events.Responsible for answering the telephones and administration functions of the Institute

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Nazli Mamdoo
Publications Co-ordinator

Responsible for co-ordinating papers for all conference proceedings and assisting the conference department with the organising of conferences.

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Portia Malatji
Accounts Assistant

Assistant to Book-Keeper

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Raymond van der Berg
Conference Co-Ordinator

Admin assistant with technical events..

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Paul van der Plas
Mentoring Program Administrator

Please refer to the Careers Committee for further contact details.
Telephone numbers are available as a logged in SAIMM Web User.

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John Gainsford
Webmaster and Consultant

Please refer to the Website Committee for further contact details.
Telephone numbers are available as a logged in SAIMM Web User.

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After 120 years the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) continues to serve its members. This learned society started in 1894, a few years after the invention of the cyanide process had saved the gold mining industry in South Africa. The previously used technology of gravity separation could not economically recover gold from the fine grained ores of the Transvaal gold fields. The Institute's Journal recorded this process and major developments in the industry and has disseminated knowledge ever since.

The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source news and views about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors as well as embracing a professional code of ethics. The SAIMM also attempts to fulfill what it sees as its obligations to the various communities and the environment in terms of the SAIMM’s Charter. In addition, the institute is active in bringing together the mining and metallurgical fraternity in terms of research, shared-experiences, education, personnel as well as students.


According to its charter, the Institute is committed to:

  • Render professional services of high quality to its members and to continually improve these services by keeping abreast of technological developments;
  • Apply professional ethics in all its activities and encourage members to follow suit;
  • Fulfil its obligations towards the community and the environment;
  • Continually strengthen its image as a dynamic organization by playing a leading role in the initiation and implementation of new ideas and by organizing events around topical themes;
  • Diligently promote the interests of its members and to represent them in a competent manner;
  • Bring the mining and metallurgical fraternity, research and education personnel, and students, together in one organization; and
  • Judiciously anticipate the needs of members.

This commitment assists in ensuring that the needs for technological and scientific knowledge of the minerals and metals sectors in South Africa


The key objectives of the Institute are to identify the needs of its members and to initiate and give effect to the means whereby the requirements for technology and scientific knowledge of the minerals and metals section of the South African economy are satisfied; and furthermore to represent and promote the interests of its members.


  • Receiving a bi-monthly Journal with a balanced content and of a high standard which serves as a communication medium to keep members informed on matters relating to their professional interests.
  • The opportunity to attend congresses, symposia, colloquia, schools and discussion groups at competitive prices. Members attend such events at a discount.
  • Participation in technical excursions and social events which creates further opportunities for inter-active professional association and fellowship.
  • To make a contribution to the minerals industry in South Africa.
  • The opportunity to network with a wide cross-section of professional people in the minerals industry.
  • Official recognition of achievements.


The SAIMM actively supports the establishment and maintenance of branches of the SAIMM in Southern Africa to satisfy the local needs of members for professional association and the exchange of technical information. Branches presently exist in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Zululand, Western Cape, Bushveld, Mpumalanga, the Free State, Zambia and Namibia.

Branches form the ideal vehicle for all members of the SAIMM in a particular area to be brought together to participate in the affairs of their profession and to further the interests of the mining and metallurgical sectors. Newly graduated members, in particular, derive substantial benefits through close personal contact and an exchange of ideas with the more seasoned members of their profession residing in the same area. In order to ensure strong and dynamic branches, branch members actively canvass new members in their area with a view to obtaining maximum membership. Members are encouraged to become actively involved in the affairs of their branches.

The branch meeting is a forum by which inter-disciplinary contact of interested parties within the mining, minerals, and metals industry can take place. Communication between mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, and mining engineering and other branches of science and disciplines is thus stimulated, and opportunities are created to improve the industry for each and every member.

During the annual general meeting of a branch, its members residing within the area elect a committee to run the affairs of the branch.

The purpose of the committee is to meet the needs of members by formulating programs, and organizing schools, conferences, technical meetings, colloquia, technical visits, and social functions for the benefit of its branch members.

Meetings usually feature guest speakers and afford ample opportunity for informal fellowship. Technical visits are undertaken to sectors of the mining and metallurgical industry or to research institutions. Colloquia and schools on relevant topics are arranged in conjunction with the Technical Program Committee operating from the SAIMM's national office.

Branches actively support programs arranged by the Council and the other branches of the SAIMM. Each branch chairperson serves on the Council in order to ensure open channels of communication between branches and Council members on relevant topics and developments. To strengthen its links with Council, and to contribute towards an overview of the SAIMM's total sphere of activities, branches report to the SAIMM's head office on a regular basis regarding meetings, conferences, finances, membership, and future projects.

Branch committees also liaise with related outside technical societies within their areas to promote close contact, technology transfer, and the exchange of skills.

SAIMM Past Presidents

(*) Indicates Deceased Past President
Click for larger image

1894 - 1900 | 1900 - 1950 | 1950 - 2000 | 2000 onwards

W Bettel (1894-1895)*
AF Crosse (1895-1896)*
WR Feldtmann (1896-1897)*
C Butters (1897-1898)*
J Loevy (1898-1899)*
JR Williams (1899-1903)*
SH Pearce (1903-1904)*
WA Caldecott (1904-1905)*
W Cullen (1905-1906)*
EH Johnson (1906-1907)*
J Yates (1907-1908)*
RG Bevington (1908-1909)*
A.McA Johnston (1909-1910)*
J Moir (1910-1911)*
CB Saner(1911-1912)*
WR Dowling (1912-1913)*
A Richardson (1913-1914)*
GH Stanley (1914-1915)*
JE Thomas (1915-1916)*
JA Wilkinson (1916-1917)*
G Hildick-Smith (1917-1918)*
HS Meyer (1918-1919)*
J Gray (1919-1920)*
J Chilton (1920-1921)*
F Wartenweiler (1921-1922)*
GA Watermeyer (1922-1923)*
FW Watson (1923-1924)*
CJ Gray (1924-1925)*
HA White (1925-1926)*
HR Adam (1926-1927)*
Sir Robert Kotze (1927-1928)*
JA Woodburn (1928-1929)*
H Pirow (1929-1930)*
J Henderson (1930-1931)*
A King (1931-1932)*
V Nimmo-Dewar (1932-1933)*
PN Lategan (1933-1934)*
EC Ranson (1934-1935)*
RA Flugge-De-Smidt (1935-1936)*
TK Prentice (1936-1937)*
RSG Stokes (1937-1938)*
PE Hall (1938-1939)*
EHA Joseph (1939-1940)*
JH Dobson (1940-1941)*
Theo Meyer (1941-1942)*
John V Muller (1942-1943)*
C Biccard Jeppe (1943-1944)*
PJ Louis Bok (1944-1945)*
JT McIntyre (1945-1946)*
M Falcon  (1946-1947)*
A Clemens (1947-1948)*
FG Hill (1948-1949)*
OAE Jackson (1949-1950)*
WE Gooday (1950-1951)*
CJ Irving (1951-1952)*
DD Stitt (1952-1953)*
MCG Meyer (1953-1954)*
LA Bushell (1954-1955)*
H Britten (1955-1956)*
WM Bleloch (1956-1957)*
H Simon (1957-1958)*
M Barcza (1958-1959)*
RJ Adamson (1959-1960)*
WS Findlay (1960-1961)*
DG Maxwell (1961-1962)*
J.deV Lambrechts (1962-1963)*
JF Reid (1963-1964)*
DM Jamieson (1964-1965)*
HE Cross (1965-1966)*
D Gordon Jones (1966-1967)*
P Lambooy (1967-1968)*
RCJ Goode (1968-1969)*
JKE Douglas (1969-1970)*
VC Robinson (1970-1971)*
DD Howat (1971-1972)*
JP Hugo (1972-1973)*
PWJ van Rensburg (1973-1974)*
RP Plewman (1974-1975)*
RE Robinson (1975-1976)*
MDG Salamon (1976-1977)*
PA Von Wielligh (1977-1978)*
MG Atmore (1978-1979)*
DA Viljoen (1979-1980)*
PR Jochens (1980-1981)*
GY Nisbet (1981-1982)
AN Brown (1982-1983)
RP King (1983-1984) *
JD Austin (1984-1985)
HE James (1985-1986)
H Wagner (1986-1987)
BC Alberts (1987-1988)*
CE Fivaz (1988-1989)
OKH Steffen (1989-1990)
HG Mosenthal (1990-1991)*
RD Beck (1991-1992)
JP Hoffman (1992-1993)*
H Scott-Russell (1993-1994)*
JA Cruise (1994-1995)
DAJ Ross-Watt (1995-1996)
NA Barcza (1996-1997)
RP Mohring (1997-1998)*
JR Dixon (1998-1999)
MH Rogers (1999-2000)
LA Cramer (2000-2001)
AAB Douglas (2001-2002)*
SJ Ramokgopa (2002-2003)
TR Stacey (2003-2004)
FMG Egerton (2004-2005)
WH van Niekerk (2005-2006)
RPH Willis (2006-2007)
RGB Pickering (2007-2008)
AM Garbers-Craig (2008-2009)
JC Ngoma (2009-2010)
GVR Landman (2010-2011)
2011-N. vd Merwe
N van der Merwe (2011-2012)
2012-G. Smith
GL Smith (2012-2013)
2013-M. Dworzanowski
M Dworzanowski (2013-2014) 
J. Porter JL  Porter (2014-2015)
R Jones RT Jones (2015-2016)
C Musingwini C Musingwini (2016-2017)