The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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  • Conference Review: Copper Cobalt Africa

    Copper Cobalt Africa, hosted by the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), took place from 10 to 12 July 2018. The conference was held in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Zambia, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the mighty Victoria Falls. Recent strong rises in the prices of copper and cobalt, coupled with increasing international interest in developments in the African Copperbelt, attracted over 300 delegates, representing 22 countries.

    CuCoAfrica Dignitaries: L-R:
    Mooya Lumamba (Director of Mines and Minerals, Zambia), Jackson Sikamo (Chairperson and Country Manager at Chibuluma Mines Plc, Zambia), Sehliselo Ndlovu (President: SAIMM), Paul Chanda (Permanent Secretary: Zambia Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development), Sokwani Chilembo (CEO Zambian Chamber of Mines), Darius Muma (Zambian Branch Chair: SAIMM), Kathy Sole (Conference Chair: Copper Cobalt Africa 2018).

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  • South Africa’s ‘Samcodes way’ a world-beater – Mullins

    South Africa’s ‘Samcodes way’ a world-beater – Mullins

    SAMCODES Chairperson Matt Mullins was recently at the Junior Indaba, speaking to Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly.

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  • Open Journal System

    DOAJThe SAIMM has adopted the Open Journal System (OJS) with the objective of optimizing the management of the paper reviewing process for the Journal.

    Paper submissions will no longer be accepted via the SAIMM Journal submission form on the SAIMM website. Only papers that are currently in the system will follow the existing reviewing process.

    You can now submit manuscripts and peer reviews online. The OJS assists you with every step of the reviewing process. Authors can also check the status of their papers online and referees will receive automated reminders for their reviews.

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From the President's Corner

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Minerals Industry

    A number of studies have confirmed that there is a positive relationship between diversity and business performance, and that diversity in leadership roles is what tends to define the success of a business. This is because knowledge creation and application is enriched by a variety of skills, experience, and cultural diversity. The more diverse a team, the more perspectives, the

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  • Upskilling the heroes of the mining industry

    I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to listen to one of the most well-known and admired person in South Africa; the former Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela. She gave keynote addresses at the International Women’s Day celebration hosted by the Motsepe Foundation and at the pre-AGM dinner for the Chamber of Mines (now known as the Minerals Council South

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  • The future of Africa is not so dark

    This month’s Journal edition celebrates the impressive research achievements of some of the 2017 graduates in the mining and metallurgical sector. However, of the eight papers that were selected from the Student Colloquium in October last year, only four were submitted for the reviewing process. Two papers were subsequently accepted for publication and two are being reworked. This is a

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From the Journal Comments

  • From the Editorʼs desk

    The range of topics and the locations of the authors in this month’s edition is an indication of the international nature of the Journal, which is confirmed by the fact that of the 141 papers that were published in the Journal in 2017/2018, 58 were from outside South Africa. This is one of the criteria that ensures that the Journal

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  • Infacon XV

    The Fifteenth International Ferro-Alloys Congress (Infacon XV) was held in Cape Town from 25 to 28 February 2018, and was attended by 450 delegates from 32 countries. After a cycle of four congresses in the northern hemisphere (New Delhi, India, 2007; Helsinki, Finland, 2010; Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2013; and Kyiv, Ukraine, 2015), it was appropriate that Infacon should return to South

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Market News

  • KSB Pumps for University of Pretoria laboratory

    Professor Josua Meyer, Chairman of the School of Engineering and Head of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Pretoria KSB Pumps and Valves has assisted the University of Pretoria in the construction of a large controlled-temperature test unit, which will form the backbone of ongoing research into heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The impressive unit will allow

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  • Roadmap to interoperability

    How can the mining industry meet the challenges of interoperability? GMSG is building a path forward. Monday, April 9, 2018. Interoperability is a large, intricate, and complex issue that can inhibit technological advances in the international mining industry. Players hold widely different views and interpretations as to scope, content, application, and end state. Indeed, GMSG has identified interoperability as a

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The Symposium Series

S1   Mathematical Statistics and Computer Applications in Ole Valuation (1966)

S2   Planning Open Pit Mines (1970) (4th imp ) Edited by P W J van Rensburg

S3   Application of Computer Methods in the Mineral Industry (APCOM 1973) Edited by M D G Salamon

S4   Infacon 1974 Edited by H W Glen

S5   Proceedings of the 12th CMMI Congress 2 volumes (1982) Edited by HW Glen

S6   Rockbursts and Seismicity in Mines (1984) Edited by N C Gay and E H Wainwright

S7   The Planning and Operation of Open Pit and Strip Mines (1986) Edited by I P Deetlefs

S8   GOLD 100: Proceedings of the International Conference on Gold (1986)
Volume 1: Gold Mining Technology Edited by H Wagnei and R P King
Volume 2: Extractive Metallurgy of Gold Edited by C E Fivaz and R P King
Volume 3: Industrial Uses of Gold Edited by G Gafner and R P King

S9   APCOM 87: Proceedings of the Twentieth International Symposium on the
Application of Computers and Mathematics in the Mineral Industries (1987)

Volume 1: Mining Edited by L Wade, R W 0 Keisten and I R Culland
Volume 2: Metallurgy Edited by R P King and I J Barkci
Volume 3: Geostatistics Edited by I C Lemmer H Schaum and F A G M Camisani-Calzolaii

S 10  International Deep Mining Conference (1990)
Volume 1: Innovations in Metallurgical Plant Edited by G A Brown and P Smith and Application of Materials Engineering in                        the Mining Industly Edited by B Metcaife
Volume 2; Technical Challenges in Deep Level Mining Edited by D A I Ross-Watt and P D K Robinson

S11  Infacon 6 (Incorporating Incsac) (1992) EditedbyHW Glen

S12  Massmin 92 Edited by H W Glen (out of pliat)

S13  Mineflll 93 Edited by H W Glen

S14  XVth CMMI Congress Publications (1994)
Volume 1: Mining Edited by H W Glen
Volume 2: Metals Technology and Extractive Metallurgy (1994) Edited by H W Glen

S15 Sur face Mining 1996 Edited by H W Glen

S16 Hidden Wealth (1996) EditedbyHW GJen

S17 Heavy Minerals 1997 Edited by R E Robinson

S18 The 8th International Platinum Symposium (1998)

S19 Mining in Africa'98

S20  Extraction Metallurgy Africa '98

S21  Sixth International Symposium for Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (1999)

S22  Metallurgy Africa '99

S23   Heavy Minerals 1999 Edited by R G Stimson

S24   Tunnels under Pressure Technical Edited by I R Stacey

S25    Mine Hoisting 2000

S26    Coal -The Future (2000)

S27    The Fifth International Symposium on Rockburst and Seismicity in Mines (RaSiin 5) (2001)

S28    6th International Symposium on Mine Mechanization and Automation (2001)

S29     XIV International Coal Preparation Congress and Exhibition

S30     Surface Mining 2002—Modern Developments for the New Millennium

S31     IFSA 2002, Industrial Fluidization South Africa

S31A   APCOM 2003—Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industries

S32     ISSA/Chamber of Mines Conference—Mines and Quarries: Prevention of Occupational Injury and Disease

S33     ISRM— Technology Roadmap for Rock Mechanics

S34     Heavy Minerals Conference 2003

S35     Safety in Mines Research Institutes (2003)

S36    VII International Conference on Molten Slags, Fluxes & Salts (2004)
Tenth International Ferroalloys Congress INFACONX 2004

S37    Deep and high stress mining 2004

S38    'Platinum adding value' 2004

S39    Base Metals—Southern Africa's response to changing global base metals market dynamics 2005

S40    Strategic versus Tactical approaches in mining 2005

S41    Best practices in rock engineering SARES 2005

S42    IFSA 2005 (Mintek)

S43    Southern African Pyrometallurgy 2006 International Conference

S44    Stability of rock slopes in open pit mining and civil engineering situations

S45    'Platinum Surges Ahead' 2006

S46    Hydraulic Transport of Solids - Hydrotransport 17 (2007)

S47    Fourth Southern Afr ican Base Metals Conference 'Africa's base metals resurgence'

S48    Heavy Minerals Conference, 2007

S49    Cave Mining Conference, 2007

S50    International Symposium on Lead and Zinc processing - Lead & Zinc 2008

The Monograph Series

MI   Lognormal-De Wrjsian Geostatistics for Ore Evaluation
(2nd ed 1981) DGKiige

M2  An Introduction to Geostatistical Methods of Mineral Evaluation
(2nd ed 1981)1-MM Rendu

M3  Principles of Flotation
(1982) (3rd imp 1986) Edited by R P. King

M4  Increased Under ground Extr action of Coal
(1982) Edited by C I. Fauconrnei and R W 0 Kersten

M5  Rock Mechanics in Mining Practice
(1983)(3idimp 1986) Edited by S Budavaii

M6  Assay and Analytical Practice in the South African Mining Industry
(1986) WC LenahanandR de L Murray-Smith

M7  The Extractive Metallurgy of Gold in South Africa,
2 volumes (1987) Edited by G G Stanley

M8  Mineral and Metal Extraction — An Overview
(1994) LC Woollacott and R H Eiic

M9  Rock Fracture and Rockbursts—an illustrative study
(1997) Edited by WD Oitlepp