31st International Symposium on Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industries

Cape Town, South Africa, 14-16 May 2003

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Something for nothing? - An unconventional approach to extracting three-dimensional grade information from two-dimensional estimation of thin, tabular reef deposits
      S Lambert

Practical aspects of large-scale conditional simulations
      ME Rossi

Considering in situ grade variability during mining sequence
      R Peroni, JF Costa, and J Koppe

A logical approach to the evaluation of a stacked multi-reef Witwatersrand gold deposit
      WD Northrop

Development and testing of a vehicle collision avoidance system based on GPS and wireless networks for open-pit mines
      A Nieto and K Dagdelen

Virtual reality in improving mining ergonomics
      P Foster and A Burton

Neural network performance versus network architecture for a quick stop training application
      R Ganguli and S Bandopadhyay

Service delivery strategy for mining systems
      U Kumar

The use of information technology in the mineral resource management environment
      J van Zyl Visser

Contract - A tool for evaluating mining contracts
      E Baafi and D McCarthy

Justification techniques for computer integrated mining
      S Dessureault

An intelligent system for visual monitoring of the ECS complex of the 'Majdan III' open pit mine, 'Potisje-Kanjiza', Yugoslavia
      S Vujic, K Kasas, P Kermeci, J Kermeci, and S Secei

Systems simulation for dragline selection in open cast mines
      YD Zhang, YH Yang, and KM Li

National and international codes for reporting mineral resources and reserves: Their relevance, future and comparison
      FA Camisani-Calzolari

Draft Russian classification for solid minerals: International format and national traditions
      MN Denisov and KP Kavun

SA coal resources and reserves, a present-day outlook
      XM Prévost

Strategies of investing into mining industry under uncertainties of multidimensional alternatives
      NI Fedunets and IE Teymenson

The price forecast of international petroleum with system simulation based on MATLAB/SIMULINK
      G Wu and S Liu

Utilization of scripting languages for customization of mine planning packages by specialized users
      DR Hack

The use of mixed integer linear programming for long-term scheduling in block caving mines
      D Rahal, M Smith, G van Hout, and A von Johannides

Utility-based framework for optimal mine layout selection, subject to multiple-attribute decision criteria
      FMCC Vieira

Knowledge in - Money out, redefining mine planning and scheduling standards to improve and stabilize business performance
      M Arnesen and WA van der Westhuizen

Optimal planning of extracting works at the quarries of non-ferrous metallurgy of Kazakstan
      BR Rakishev, AB Begalinov, IV Lunkin, and EB Muhamedzhanov

The application of Microsoft® Active Server Page technology in the mining environment as a management information tool
      DS Richards

The construction of integrated production management systems in mining companies based on the experience of the 'Turów' brown coal mine (Poland)
      R Kus

In situ characterization of the transport and sorption characteristics of coal seams from pressure transient data: An artificial neural network approach
      T Ertekin and X Dong

Evaluation of floor heaving in galleries by numerical analysis
      M Yavuz, M Iphar, M Aksoy, and G Once

Early detection of mining truck failure by modelling its operation with neural networks classification algorithms
      H Hu and TS Golosinski

Keynote Address: The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002: Likely impact on black economic empowerment in South Africa
      FT Cawood

Integrated comminution and flotation neurocontrol using evolutionary reinforcement learning
      AvE Conradie, O Bascur, C Aldrich, and I Nieuwoudt

Mineral resource risk assessment in the BHPBilliton capital investment process
      MP Mullins, CG Carey, and D Hodson

The integration of mine simulation and ventilation simulation to develop a 'Life-Cycle' mine ventilation system
      CK Kocsis, R Hall, and SG Hardcastle

PlanIt-OPTIM: An optimal mine planning system for large underground mining corporations
      A Kruger, M Holton, and F Terblanche

A computer program for estimation of support requirements for circular shafts
      H Ozturk

Utilization of blast movement measurements in grade control
      DL Taylor and IR Firth

Mining machinery integrated database for mine operations on bituminous deposits
      T Knezicek

Defect and mould variable prediction in continuous casting
      FR Camisani-Calzolari, IK Craig, and PC Pistorius

Development of weightometer soft sensor
      XW Pan, G Metzner, N Selby, C Visser, T Letwaba, and K Coleman

A study of internal over burden dump design and stability analysis for Hazelwood Power Mine, Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia
      J Fernando and D Nag

An online expert for industrial mineral processes
      DDeV van der Spuy, DG Hulbert, DJ Oosthuizen, B Muller, and HS Smit

Numerical simulation of simultaneous drying and pneumatic conveying: small metallic filter cake particles
      M Kilfoil

Extensions to an efficient optimization model for long-term production planning at LKAB's Kiruna Mine
      E Topal, M Kuchta, and A Newman

Key processes in asset management for 21st century - maximising business and IT strategy integration
      C Sarkar

A web service prototype of mineralogical data presentation usine MineML (Mineral Markup Language)
      H Xu and Y Gu

Evolutionary algorithms for the optimizing of production planning in underground mines
      QX Yun, WW Guo, YF Chen, CW Lu, and MJ Lian

Development and applications for coal mine robot technique in China
      J Jiang, T Pan, D Zuo, T Zhao, Z Shao, and F Yang

Exploration and extraction of mine gas in Germany - New significant energy source and contribution for safety and climate protection
      A Preusse and J Kraemer

Effective multi-dimensional orebody modelling: A key component of the mining value chain
      WP Johnstone

Morphological approach to volume calculations of complex 3D geological objects
      NM Sirakor, M Iwanowski, DR Hart, and ML Feves

Optimization of geological lead-time in a feasibility study drill out - Two Rivers Platinum, Mpumalanga, South Africa
      R Hornsey and P van der Merwe

A quantitative assessment model for the environmental load of gold production by artificial neural network
      C Lu, Q Yun, X Lan, and Z Jin

Application of simulation techniques for combined risk assessment of both geological and grade model - an example
      CE Dohm

A comparative study of two approaches to modelling and prediction of spatial studies
      F Durão, L Cortez, and Á Magalhães

Kriging estimation of block densities in Ahmavaara PGE-deposit
      E Laine

The integrated use of IT to manage the Economic Resources Department at Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine
      KG Lomberg

Designing exploitation and dumping processes in brown coal mines using information technology techniques
      R Kus and R Chryst

A new collaboration paradigm for mineral resources projects
      S Carter

Computer operative planning on grades of ores through maps of mining panels in ore quarries
      V Bysov, V Korobko, N Byambadorzh, and N Byantogtokh

Keynote Address: A tribute to Prof. D. G. Krige for his contributions over a period of more than half a century
      RCA Minnitt and W Assibey-Bonsu

Some practical aspects of the use of lognormal models for confidence limits and block distributions in South African gold mines
      DG Krige

Cut-off grade determination for the maximum value of a small Wits-type gold mining operation
      RCA Minnitt

An analysis of the practical and economic implications of systematic underground drilling in deep South African gold mines
      W Assibey-Bonsu and DG Krige

The influence of conditional bias in optimum ultimate pit planning
      EJ Magri, MA González, A Couble, and X Emery

Quantification of undertainties in geological modelling of kimberlite pipes
      J Deraisme and D Farrow

Determining the value of additional drilling
      J Sullivan

Checking precision and accuracy of an automatic ore sampler
      A Grigorieff, JF Costa, and J Koppe

Estimation of optimum exploitation life of a bucket wheel excavator: Through the prism of dynamic programming
      S Vujic, R Zivojinovic, T Tanaskovic, and A Petrovski

Using MIP for strategic life-of-mine planning of the lead/zinc stream at Mount Isa Mine
      ML Smith, I Sheppard, and G Karunatillake

Analysis for pillar extraction potential (A-PEP) - a risk-based program for underground coal mining
      GH Lind

Simulation of integrated underground mining-processing
      B Klein, R Hall, M Scoble, and WS Dunbar

Some problems in estimation of the optimum exploitation life of bucket wheel excavators
      R Zivojinovic and S Vujic

What is driving the development of integrated technical enterprise systems in the mining industry?
      I Jones

Value chain based strategy formulation for mining technical systems
      C Lumley

A study of ICT diffusion into South Africa's platinum mining sector
      TZ Mugodi and DR Fleming

Forecasting algorithms of production and consumption dynamics of world countries resources on the base of Kondratyev's cycles
      LA Bakhvalov and IE Teymenson

Backfilling waste material composites environmental impact assessment
      J Kortnik

Occupational health and safety management tool
      A Güngör and T Güyagüler

Technique and its applications of computer monitoring and control for safety mining production process of coal industry in China
      J Jiang, P Dai, D Zuo, T Zhao, Z Shao, F Yang, and F Ma

Solving of determinate mining - Economic models by the method of Monte Carlo
      BR Rakishev, IV Lunkin, and EB Rakishev

Finance accounting and cost control for long-term construction contracts supported by the integrated management and information system Aristoteles
      K Böde

Study on the application of Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Jiaojia Gold Mine
      L Guoqing, H Nailian, and H Xuchun

Educating mining engineers online
      TS Golosinski

University of Kentucky's ongoing experience with statewide expansion of engineering education: Lessons learned
      GT Lineberry, DL Silverstein, and CM Baird

Virtual reality applications in the Australian minerals industry
      M Kizil

A national curriculum in Australian minerals education: New generation flexible-delivery undergraduate courses
      D Drinkwater and G Kelly

Technology implementation in eLearning
      AJ Basu

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