Application of Computer Methods in the Mineral Industry: Proceedings of the Tenth International Sympsium

Johannesburg, South Africa, 10-14 April 1972

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Preliminaries - Opening Session

Corporate exploration strategies
      BW Mackenzie

The Engel Simulator and the search for uranium
      JC Griffiths and DA Singer

Statistical valuation of diamondiferous deposits
      HS Sichel

Geostatistical ore reserve estimation
      M David and RA Blais

A model of Bougainville Copper's Panguna orebody
      MRL Blackwell

A forecast of the coal and uranium requirements for electric power generation in South Africa
      EJ Maunders

Optimizing the public gains from the exploitation of mineral resources
      A Azis and J Zwartendyk

Possible modes of government participation in marginal mining operations
      JL Collins, A Dubé, A Galibois, and H Monette

Ore reserve estimation and depletion planning for a beach diamond deposit
      MM Oosterveld

Evaluation of geochemical data
      CJ Lenz

Optimum spacing for soil sample traverses
      WA Hodgson

A drillhole data bank
      MR Anderton

Research in oil exploration decision-making: estimation of wildcat well outcome probabilities
      JW Harbaugh and A Prelat

Design of crushing plant flowsheets by simulation
      T Gurun

The impact of transportation network upon the potential supply of base and precious metals from Sonora, Mexico
      PdeV Harris and DE Euresty

Profitability sensitivity analysis of a mining venture
      CA Beasley and EP Pfleider

Technological innovation and its potential effect on the opening of new gold mines in South Africa
      NC Joughin

Aids to planning production in coal mines
      FH Deist and MP Roberts

Capacity calculations, investment allocation and long-range production scheduling in German coal mines
      FL Wilke

Ore reserve evaluation and open pit planning
      JM Marino and JP Slama

Optimum design of an open pit
      DA Phillips

An open pit design system for stratiform orebodies
      LAJ Pronk van Hoogeveen, JR Cutland, and M Weir

An open pit design model
      RH Robinson and NB Prenn

The use of dynamic programming for determining mine-mill production schedules
      RJ Roman

Optimization studies on the design of a processing plant for a large mining venture
      JC Paynter, DK Loveday, and CG Robinson

Economic surface mining of multiple seams
      TV Falkie and WE Porter

Unrolling of copperbelt orebodies
      JHE Perry and VH Wiik

An exploration model for tabular orebodies
      GS Koch and RF Link

Harmonic analysis of copper and gold occurrences in the Abitibi Area of the Canadian Shield
      FP Agterberg and AG Fabbri

Mathematical models of orebodies
      MJ Newton and AG Royle

Estimation of lateritic-type orebodies
      AG Journel and CH Huijbregts

Long-term mine production scheduling
      GCS Burne

An application of linear programming to investment analysis
      A Erlandsson

Optimizing medium-term operational plans for a group of copper mines
      M Splaine, DC Atkinson, W Davison, and L Smith

The simulation of underground stoping and transport operations in gold mining
      FH Touwen and NC Joughin

Linear programming models of copper leach and solvent extraction plants
      WPC Duyvesteyn, JR Cutland, and JRL Russell

Planning and forecasting stope production
      DW Kappes and PFX Mousset-Jones

A proposed method of dynamic ore reserve assessment for a caving system of mining
      AP Spinks and SP Nicholls

Planning of underground copper mining
      JK Williams, L Smith, and MP Wells

Rock mechanics in the design of mine layouts
      K Hodgson and NGW Cook

Computer applications in rock mechanics
      FH Deist, E Georgiadis, and JPE Moris

Automated regulation of mine ventilation
      P Niskanen

Planning open pit mining operations using simulation
      A Bauer and PN Calder

Simulation of underground liquid flow
      GN Pitts and PB Crawford

Evaluation of production strategies in a group of copper mines by linear programming
      PH Williams, JN Brooke, and DM Poulter

An equipment maintenance system
      DW Dean and JA Ryder

Computer-aided design of a flash smelting installation
      AT Cocquerel, RT Gates, and CA Green

Heat flow models in ventilation planning
      AJ Dickson and AM Starfield

Application of computer methods for planning, checking and controlling mine ventilation
      EU Reuther and A Dohmen

Coal mine ventilation systems in the United States of America
      R Stefanko and RV Ramani

The simulation of crushing plants with models developed using multiple spline regression
      WJ Whiten

Simulation of multicomponent flotation plants
      BK Loveday and GR Marchant

Computer control of flotation at the Ecstall Concentrator
      MP Amsden, C Chapman, and MG Reading

Model for the design and control of flotation plants
      RP King

The relevance of computer methods to the economics of the mineral industry
      R Perlman

Dynamic control of a mining enterprise
      RG Coyle

An economic model of the mineral sands industry
      GPA Howe

Exploration report
      AH Munro

Ore reserve assessment report
      DG Krige

Industry-wide projection report
      GP Bennett

Exploration analysis report
      DA Pretorius

Project design and analysis report
      CT Shaw

Mine planning report
      VE Marting

Open pit planning report
      PR Janisch

Project design report
      JPG Pretorius

Geological modelling report
      MI Watson

Production planning report
      AM Starfield

Production planning and control report
      AC Schmidt

Rock and ventilation control report
      JW Wilson

Operations planning and control report
      MP Roberts

Technical planning and control report
      R Hemp

Process control report
      RP Colborn

Market analysis report
      DM Hawkins

Panel discussion report
      J Elbrond


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