Proceedings of the Twentieth International Sympsium on the Application of Computers and Mathematics in the Mineral Industries. Volume 3: Geostatistics

Johannesburg, South Africa, 19-23 October 1987

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Some advances in lognormal theory
      HS Sichel

The evolution of geostatistics
      G Matheron and WJ Kleingeld

Methods of contextual classification of remotely sensed data
      LP Fatti, CD Elphinstone, and AT Lonergan

Estimating grade differentials from drilling results on new gold properties
      DG Krige

The implementation of a production gold ore reserve system (GORS)
      SL Miller, SA Beckett, E Braverman, and PJ Thomson

The application of log semi-variograms to the kriging of moderately skew raw data
      M Thurston and M Armstrong

Performance comparison of local recoverable reserve estimates using different kriging techniques
      YC Kim, YX Zhao, and IS Roditis

Spatial distribution of probabilities
      FE Steffens

Comparisons of geostatistical approaches for drillhole site selection
      M Gershon

Integrated data analysis for the selection of favourable areas of Pb-Zn mineralization on Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey
      C Kliem and H Burger

Use of 'artificial intelligence' in open-pit mining
      H Brüggermann and M Kade

GEOSTAT1: A prototype expert system for the explicit knowledge approach to geostatistics
      M David, R Dimitrakopoulos, and D Marcotte

Geology related to statistical evaluation parameters for a diamondiferous beach deposit
      MM Oosterveld, D Campbell, and KR Hazell

The role of computer-aided sedimentological synthesis in strategic mine planning at Blyvooruitzicht Gold Mining Company, Limited
      AJ Reynolds and WM Stear

Geostatistical evaluation of hydrogeochemical parameters as a tool to interpret regional geology
      FAGM Camisani-Calzolari

Present status and applications of the national coal data base
      XM Prevost

Geostatistical simulation of a commercial polymetallic nodule mining site
      J-M Chautru, Y Morel, and G Herrouin

An alternative approach to the modelling of deformed stratiform and stratabound deposits
      EJ Sides

Evaluation and selection of recoverable reserves in a sublevel stoping mine
      G Raspa, M Rinaldo, and P Massacci

Practical applications of a computer orebody modelling system on the Broken Hill Mine, Black Mountain, Aggeneys
      DJ Mourant and D Clamp

Some conditional simulations compared with later results in the hardcoal industry
      M Kannenberg, W Skala, and V Weber

Ore reserve estimation at Western Deep Levels Gold Mine
      R Braun

A validation study of gold borehole valuation procedures based on a simulated orebody
      CM Suhr

Identification and analysis of geological patterns in the Witwatersrand Basin using spatial decomposition
      ID Wood

Analysis of cutoff grades using optimum control theory
      R Yi and JR Sturgul

A computer simulation technique to study probability of detection of geological targets
      PHSW Kulatilake

Economic comparison of mineral exploration and acquisition strategies to obtain ore reserves
      RL Robinson and BW Mackenzie

A generalized network with material routing for mineral supply analysis
      DJ Shields, R Glover, and F Glover

A mathematical model to forecast uranium production
      FAGM Camisani-Calzolari

Lithogeochemical prospecting: Signals processing applied to segmentation of geochemical borehole profiles
      CP Smyth

SEREF: An interactive seismic refraction data interpretation program for the IBM PC
      GRJ Cooper and JM Potocki-Szwejkowski

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