Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on the Application of Computers and Mathematics in the Mineral Industries (APCOM). Volume 2: Metallurgy

Johannesburg, South Africa, 19-23 October 1987

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An optimizing regulator for the control of autogenous milling circuits
      IM MacLeod

Use of an energy balance around the mill sump to estimate mill discharge density
      MH Moys, J De Souza, S Tshabalala, and M Giddy

Computer control of the semi-autogenous grinding mill at Benguet Corporation's Kaline Concentrator, Zambales, Philippines
      EM Sacris and JG Foronda

A robust approach to the design of milling circuit control systems in the presence of modelling errors
      A Montini, MH Moys, and I MacLeod

A mathematical model of a zinc electrowinning cell
      AC Scott, RM Pitblado, and GW Barton

Steady-state simulation and microcomputers: meeting and challenge
      JJ Cilliers and RP King

A computer model to predict froth behaviour in the scale-up of flotation cells
      VE Ross and JSJ van Deventer

Improved control of phosphate flotation by means of a simple mineralogical regression model
      JL Gaigher and GJ van Niekerk

A general model for semi-autogenous and autogenous milling
      LG Austin, JM Menacho, and F Pearcy

A dispersion model of autogenous particle separations, with specific application to the batch jigging of particles
      DA Venter, CJ Brouckaert, and DW Wright

A quantitative model for gravity separation unit operations that rely on stratification
      RP King

Computer aided use of a screening process model
      G Ferrara, U Preti, and GD Schena

Crushing flowsheet simulation: increased productivity and improved flowsheet design
      K O'Bryan

A filtration model for optimization of a gold extraction plant
      AJ Feltenstein

A kinetic model framework for combined diffusion and adsorption processes
      EA Brinkmann and RP King

Computer program for the design of a counter current moving carbon bed used for the recovery of gold from solutions
      JSJ van Deventer and P Jansen van Rensburg

A population balance approach to the modelling of the CIP process
      W Stange and RP King

Centralised process control of the metallurgical operation at Rössing, South West Africa/Namibia
      R Thomas and B Erlank

Fast data capture for crusher modelling and optimisation
      JD Salter, I Joseph, and L Nordin

Process computer system development at Bougainville Copper Limited
      FW Hess and RP Fenwick

Automated coke petrography
      SC Greeff and WH Smith

Computer simulation of pyrometallurgical processes
      R Jones

Optimization of an integrated flowsheet for barite processing
      R Ciccu, L Curreli, S Giuliani, PP Manca, and G Massacci

The use if simulation tromp partition curves in developing the flowsheet of plant extensions at Grootgeluk coal mine
      T De Lange and PE Venter

GENFLOW: An equation-orientated computer-aid for the calculation of ore-dressing material using performance indicators
      LC Woollacott

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