Proceedings of the Twentieth International Sympsium on the Application of Computers and Mathematics in the Mineral Industries. Volume 1: Mining

Johannesburg, South Africa, 19-23 October 1987

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Analysis of deep-level mine design problems using the MINSIM-D boundary element program
      JAL Napier and SJ Stephansen

Modelling the non-linear behaviour of fractured seams in deep gold mines
      RK Brummer

Three-dimensional stress analysis: A practical planning tool for mining problems
      JAC Diering and TR Stacey

Three-dimensional stress analysis of block caving mining layouts
      GS Esterhuizen

Microseismic monitoring of solution mining cavities
      M Guarascio

The role of computers in the detection and research of seismic events on the West Wits line
      KL Riemer

The extraction of the no. 1 shaft pillar at Blyvooruitzight gold mine
      KR Noble

Mathematical modelling of the process of hoisting in deep mines
      JM Czaplicki

Peripheries and mine planning
      KF Lane

Recent methodological trends in operations research and computing as applied to mining problems
      FL Wilke

Optimizing design capacity and field dimensions of underground coal mines
      Z Li and E Topuz

Application of a PC-based network analysis program to mine scheduling
      FM Russell

An analysis of the true rate of return project evaluation criterion
      MM Hajdasinski

Long-term planning of coal mines by statistical evaluation of databases in existing mines
      DE Kraushaar

Applications of knowledge based systems in mining engineering
      RV Ramani and KVK Prasad

Surface mine blast design and consultant system
      DE Scheck, PK Chatterjee, and MS Wei Sun

Expert systems technology: Just a flash in the pan?
      R Layton

Computer aided lignite mining in the Rhineland lignite mining area
      E Dermietzel, G Bingel, and P Reusch

Computer support in scheduling the Iscor Grootgeluk coal mine - a case study
      APL Kotze and VdS Brink

Interactive graphic mine planning work station
      RM Kear

Interactive 3-D graphics for mine evaluation
      KR Johnson

Mineral resource management: an overview of an integrated graphics based system
      FJJ Blaauw and NCD Trevarthen

Geological modelling and mineral estates management using an integrated graphics system
      LHW Walker and GH Kemp

A model for determination of methane flow parameters in coal from desorption tests
      RD Lama and VU Nguyen

A computerised approach to determining the self-heating propensity of coal
      L Wade and G Gibbon

An interactive computer program for simulating the performance of water chilling installations on mines
      M Bailey-McEwan and JC Penman

Simulation techniques for the optimization of high capacity refrigeration in German coal mines
      E-U Reuther, J Unruh, and A Dohmen

ENVIRON: A computer program for the simulation of cooling and ventilation systems on South African gold mines
      FH von Glehn, BJ Wernick, G Chorosz, and SJ Bluhm

Digital Transmission of climatic data from underground to surface
      R Pipeleers

Application of computers to the teaching of mining engineering
      L Wade

A computerised approach to teaching mine financial valuation
      FSA De Frey

A review of computer simulation and other programs developed and used by the coal mining laboratory, Chamber of Mines Research Organization
      JW Oberholzer and DR Hardman

Computer aided demand management for large scale gold mining operations
      IE Lane, AZA van Jaarsveldt, and JJ Hoogenboezem

Design and implementation of a semi-automated truck/shovel dispatching system
      Y Lizotte, E Bonates, and A Leclerc

The implementation of a computerised truck dispatch system at Palabora
      DH Batchelor

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