Base Metals 2015 Copper Cobalt Africa

8th Southern African Base Metals Conference - Copper Cobalt Africa

Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia, 6-8 July 2015


Table of Contents

Copper mining in Zambia– History and future
      J Sikamo, A Mwanza, and C Mweemba

The proposed 2016 SAMREC code
      S Rupprecht

Risk evaluation and mitigation measures for slope management at Chingola open pit D and F, Zambia
      C Silwamba and PRK Chileshe

Safe and efficient dump body removal and installation by means of the KIMBO dump body exchange system
      MA Gimenez and N Schwarz

Needs analysis for capacity building of artisanal miners in central Africa
      SM Rupprecht

Development of a metallurgical model for a copper concentrator
      M Valenta and B Mulcahy

A comparison of test procedures for estimating the bond ball work index on Zambian/DRC copper–cobalt ores and evaluation of suitability for us in geometallurgical studies
      E Ford and V Sithole

Review, evolution and optimization of the Kansanshi mixed copper ore treatment
      C Ngulube, C Chongo, and FX Paquot

Investigating entrainment levels in Lumwana and Kansanshi ores using the froth stability and water recovery methods
      S Sondashi, LK Witika, and JH Masinja

Stabilisation of the nickel sulphide concentrate volumetric flow rate and implementation of mass pull control strategy at Nkomati Mine
      I Madingoana, AF Mulaba-Bafubiandi, and S van Zyl

Improving thickener performance using the radflow™ feedwell: from CFD modelling to commercial implementation
      A Krassnokutksi

Flotation cPlant: an Optimum Modular Approach
      P Tahkio and L Rudolphy

Xanthate chemisorption at copper and chalcopyrites surfaces
      JL Bowden and CA Young

The Huntsman approach to flotation frothers
      N Makhotla, S Hearn, and S Boskovic

Effects of athio collector mixture for optimising recovery of a low-grade carbonatite copper ore using senfroth 38 frother
      TJ Olaniyi, A Pipopoola, and AA Adeleke

Dewatering tailings: rapid water recovery by means of centrifuges
      R Klug and N Schwarz

Optimisation of circuits for pressure leaching of sulfide ores and concentrates
      F Saloojee and FK Crundwell

A comparison of hydrometallurgical routes for treating copper sulfide concentrates
      F Saloojee, FK Crundwell, T Thobejane, and NB du Preez

Leaching of copper sulphides
      M Nicolle, M Lampi, K Valkama, and J Karonen

The application and economics of industrial alkaline leaching of copper enargite concentrates
      CG Anderson

AmmLeach® a new paradigm in copper–cobalt processing
      NJ Welham, GM Johnston, and ML Sutcliffe

Study of the dissolution of chalcopyrite in solutions of different ammonium salts
      T Moyo and J Petersen

Reductive dissolution of Cu and Co from an oxide ore from DRC in H2SO4 using (NH4)2S2O3 as a reducing agent
      NM Mbuyi and AF Mulaba–Bafubiandi

Leach cycle reduction in percolation leaching of a Zambian copper oxide ore by the use of an optimized acid-in-agglomeration dosage
      P Basson and SMS Radebe

Recovery of copper from reverberatory copper slag and production of a leach residue used as a portland cement additive
      TA Muhlare and DR Groot

Copper solvent extraction: status,operating practices and challenges in the African copperbelt
      KC Sole and O Tinkler

Property–performance relationships of commercial diluents in Sub-Saharan Africa copper solvent-extraction conditions
      CW Brown

Improved copper/iron selectivity in solvent extraction
      JJ Taute, P Bwando, G Chisakuta, G Mitshabu, and A Nisbett

Evaluation of copper solvent-extraction circuit data and performance
      NB du Preez and JJ Taute

Understanding aqueous-in-organic entrainment in copper solvent extraction
      P Cole, T Bednarski, L Thomas, D Muteba, G Banza, and M Soderstrom

Clay treatment improvements using ACORGA® CB1000 clay binder
      B Hutzler, P Cole, L Thomas, T Bednarski, and R Zambra

Crud forx™- a new approach to crud management
      DC Megaw and S Burelli

Modular mixer-settlers for SX plant sustainability
      M Weatherseed, J Matinheikki, R Saario, and H Fredriksson

The complementary aspects of ion-exchange resins and solvent extraction in copper recovery processes
      S Neufeind, G Savov, T Angelov, and A Tsekov

Potential applications of nano filtration membranes in copper–cobalt processing
      LA Thompson and AJ Linington

Corrosion of lead anodes in base metals electrowinning
      A Mirza, M Burr, T Ellis, D Evans, D Kakengela, L Webb, J Gagnon, F leclercq, and A Johnston

The use of smoothing agents and/or grain refiners in copper electrowinning, with an evaluation of newer dextrin-based products
      DM van Rensburg and J Steynberg

Effective grain modification in copper electrowinning with DXG-F7
      R Cifuentes, R Bravo, and N Schwarz

Improved current efficiency and anode life using edge-stiffening anode fittings
      PY Castaneda and N Schwarz

Enhancement of profitability of central African copper belt operations using direct cobalt electrowinning process
      N Mulaudzi and S Archer

The effect of solids suspended in a nickel electrolyte on deposit morphology
      KG Matshika and DR Groot

Role of metal accounting in assessing and managing the business risks involved in production planning
      L Lachance, D Leroux, and S Gariepy

Alternative models for the calculation of CAPEX and OPEX for a hydrometallurgical plant
      H Osthof, J Antrekowitsch, and S Steinlechner

Improvement of the cobalt process at the chemicals of Africa (Chemaf) Usoke plan t– effect of seed recycle
      P KIlunga, Y Kalubi, J Katembo, E Mulaj, and P Bwando

Unlocking Rustenburg Base Metals Refiner's sulfur removal section
      J Hagemann and M Pelser

Ivanhoe mines giant Kamoa copper discovery in the DRC–a metallurgical perspective
      VL Nkuna, T Naidoo, and SR Amos

Process developments at central Asia metals’ Kounrad project
      HM Nicholson, A Moe, D Kan, and PA Crane

Developments at Tenke Fungurume mining company
      S Sandoval, N Goel, A Luzanga, and O Tshifungat

An overview of copper smelting in southern Africa
      RT Jones and PJ Mackey

Hard copper ores: process improvements at copper mountain with the Inclusion of a pre-crush circuit ahead of the SAG mill
      D Rose, DG Meadows, and M Westendorf

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