The Engineering Development and Application of Composite Materials

Johannesburg, South Africa, 23 July 1990

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An overview of the GRP market in South Africa
      A Mitchell

Applications for composite materials in the mining and metallurgy industry, present and future
      ZJ de Beer

Cement-based composites for the mining industry
      J Smit

Wear resistance of an aluminium matrix composite
      S Wilson and A Ball

The potential for high pressure composite piping in the mining industry
      AJ Buchan and WM Banks

The use of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene as a wear resistant sealing material on the contacting surfaces of rotary filter header valves in the gold mining industry
      AH Mokken

The development of a lightweight headboard for the South African gold mining industry
      GL Weaving and JPM Hojem

The use of honeycomb sandwich panels in the engineering applications
      DN Cross

The successful utilisation of the versatility and cost effectiveness of reinforced engineering polymers in engineering applications
      C Weinert

Replacing steel in an electrical motor with talc reinforced polypropylene
      WJ de Kock

Development and evaluation of a toughened phenolic resin for mining applications
      I Sigalas, R Hohendorf, and P Truter

New directions in non-destructive testing of composite materials
      A Mittelman

Evaluation of glass reinforced plastic pipe couplings for high pressure
      J Gutmayer

The ballistic penetration of thin fibreglass plates
      GN Nurick and SR Crawcour

Gladd reinforced plastics in structural and corrosive resistant applications
      W Weber

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