Copper Cobalt Africa Conference 2023

Avani Victoria Falls Resort,
Victoria Falls Livingstone, Zambia,
12-16 June 2023

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Keynote Address: Slag carry-over and the production of clean steel
      PC Pistorius

Front-Cover, Proceedings, Contents

Developing an Artisanal Buying Centre System Meeting Ethical Sourcing Criteria
N.C. Steenkamp and G. Bezuidenhout

From Graduate Metallurgist to Effective Process Engineer: The Metcelerate Programme
D. Drinkwater, R. Seitz, and J. Cilliers

Comparison of Typical Copper Ore Grinding Processes for Approximately 15 kt/d Throughput in Africa
T. Qu, C. Li, I. Druce, V. Nkuna, J. Dong, and W.Y. Xinchao

Milling in Raffinate of Copper Cobalt Ore: Media Study
F. Jantjies, N. Hadebe, and A. Mampuru

Advantages of Milling in Acidic Raffinate in Kisanfu Mine Copper Project
A. Modi, C. Li, R. Kabwit, R. Joshi, and W.Y. Xinchao

SmartFloat™: Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Flotation Reagent World
T. Bhambhani, J.P. Garnier, J.A. Garcia, and N. Renaud

Advances in Reagent Technologies for Improved Separations in Sulfide Mineral Systems
E. Arinaitwe and T. Bhambhani

Use of Continuous Flotation Operation Data from Plant Surveys to Characterise Ore for Scale-Up Purposes
R.B. Khumalo and F.K. Mulenga

AERO® XR Series Collectors: Safer, Custom-Formulated Alternatives to Xanthates in Various Applications
R. Mumbi, M. Peart, B. Mbao, J. Zulu, and E. Arinaitwe

Use of Cationic Coagulant to Improve Overflow Clarity of the Tailings Thickener at Kamoa Copper Plant
D. Mbay, J.B. Vangu, R. Ciband, T. Nduba, and P. Kitobo

New Flotation Reagents for Copper-Molybdenum Ore
Y. Shang, S. Ling, and T. Liu

Influences of Pre-treatment Steps and Contaminants in a Pyrometallurgical Recycling Process for NCA (LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2) Lithium-Ion Battery Material
L. Wiszniewski, C. Gatschlhofer, A. Krammer, T. Hochsteiner, A. Holzer, and H.Raupenstrauch

Sustainable Copper Production Based on Fluid-Bed Roasting Technology
M. Wrobel, J. Hammerschmidt, and M. Runkel

Cobalt Alloy Re-Melting and Recovery as Cobalt-Rich Slag: A Position Paper
C. Nampungwe, C. Nguni, M. Simukoko, and W. Jilowa

Improving Iron Precipitation and Other Precipitation Steps Through Data Analysis and Modelling
F. Crundwell, N. du Preez, and J. Christie

Copper, Arsenic, and Zinc Sulfide Precipitation from Acidic Solvent-Extraction Raffinate
N.C.J. Dempers, J. Nel, S. Lunkov, C. Saguru, and M. Smit

Modelling the Kinetics of Copper Sulfide Precipitation in Bioleach Liquor by Utilizing Biosulfide Produced from a Biological Sulfate Reduction Process
R. Weideman and K. du Preez

Online Measurement of Residual Phosphorus in the Cobalt Precipitation Process for the Purpose of Dosage Control
R. Pretorius and N. Mautsa

Uranium Removal from Cobalt Process Liquor
N.C.J. Dempers, R.A. Wildenboer, and J.A.L. Parker

High Gangue-Acid-Consuming Ore Management at Luilu Refinery: Impact of Defoamer Dosing at Leach
P. Ilunga, G. Ilu, F. Banze, M. Kilumba, S. Mwaba, Y. Makola, R. Nkomba, N. Mautsa, P.Kyoni, and B. Nel

Operation and Production Improvements in Acid-Leaching of Copper and Cobalt byEliminating Froth
N. Mautsa, M. Mbonami, B. Nel, R. Pretorius, J. Miller, and P. Kyony

Optimisation and Prediction of Co3+-Enhanced Dissolution in Sulfuric Acid
J.M. Mvita, B. Mbuya, and A.F. Mulaba-Bafubianda

Acidic Ferric Sulfate Leaching of Primary Copper Sulfides Under Recycle Solution Conditions Observed in Heap Leaching: Effect of Major Species
G.P. O’Malley and A.N. Nikoloski

Effect of Addition of Various Alcohols on the Leaching of Chalcopyrite in Ferric Sulfate Media
J. Dinga, J. Petersen, and T. Moyo

Effect of LixTRA 118 Leaching Aid on Heap Leaching of Copper Ores – Column Study
M.E. Mitshiabo and K.C. Sole

Metso Outotec VSF®X Solvent Extraction for Sicomines Phase II Project
H. Laitala and M. Lampi

Improving Solvent-Extraction Performance and Efficiency: A Colloidal Silica Reduction Solution – MMG Case Study Update
D.F. Verwey, F.G. Ndiitwani, T. Mukongo, N. Makhotla, L. Tartibu, S. Assuli, W. Elongo, A. Kabimba, J. Bilali, and P. Nkulu

ACORGA® OPT5540: Advantages and Contributions to Copper Extraction in the African Copperbelt
B. Mbao, G. Longo Banza, L. Thomas, and A. Argyn

ACORGA® CR60LT in the African Copperbelt: Commercial Successes for Agitated Leach Operations
B. Mbao, G. Longo Banza, L.I. Nsenga, D. Muteba, and L. Thomas

Determination of Copper in Organic Media from Solvent Extraction Mining Systems Via Portable Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
Z. Ruetz

Evaluation of Applicability of High Ketoxime Extractant Blends for Copper Solvent Extraction Plants of the Democratic Republic of Congo
G. Mitshabu, P. Bwando, and G. Chisakuta

Use of Ion Exchange to Increase Value in Copper–Cobalt Operations
J. van Deventer

Evaluating the Value of Including Physicochemical Property Correlations on the Prediction Capability of a Dynamic Electrowinning Model
S. Grobbelaar, C. Dorfling, and M. Tadie

Mitigation of Manganese Oxidation Issues During Start-Up of a Copper SX-EW Plant
P. Bwando, G. Mitshabu, Y. Zhou, and G. Chisakuta

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