The 4th Colloquium on Diamonds - Source to Use

Gaborone, Botswana, 1-3 March 2010

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Developments in kimberlite emplacement theory
      EMW Skinner

Identification of global diamond metallogenic clusters to assist exploration
      M de Wit

Exploration - A significant geo-metallurgical resource understanding opportunity
      M van Staden and M Swanepoel

Decoding the diamonds from AK6 kimberlite
      IL Chinn, MA Krug, WP Minnie, and CT Rikhotso

The Jwaneng Resource Extension Project - defining the resource, shaping the future
      MA Roberts

An overview of the estimation of kimberlite diamond deposits
      D Bush

Jwaneng open pit mine Cut 8 south west east wall slope design
      AB Tunini and L Dimbungu

The Renard Project - building a Canadian diamond resource base
      D Skelton

Inclined caving as a massive mining method
      DD Munro

Rapid underground development optimisation at Cullinan Diamond Mine using computer simulation
      J Botha and S Nichol

A directional drilling technique for exploration and mining of deep alluvial diamonds deposits
      E Uludag

Economic modelling and its application in strategic planning
      GR Lane, B Milovanovic, and E Bondi

The development of AK6
      JAH Campbell, W Lamb, J Clarke, and K Peterson

Recovery of unliberated diamonds by X-ray transmission sorting
      F Riedel and M Dehler

Can diamonds go all the way with HPGRs?
      MJ Daniel and C Morley

Orapa 3 plant conceptual design evolution in action (let the ore dictate the plant that you build!!)
      G Popplewell and B Baeletse

State of the art recovery plant design
      DMC Valbom and G Dellas

Finsch Mine treatment plant upgrade project
      D Olivier, F Bornman, L Roode and A Acker

Rapid Deployment Plant (RDP) for tailings treatment at Jwaneng Mine
      E Mpoloka

Letseng Mine No. 2 plant project - A process engineering and design review
      F Bornman

Sustainability - Luxury, grudge or necessity
      L Prosch and A Botha

The social impact of diamond mining - is it time to revisit the scorecard?
      N Morris and NL Baartjes

Revolution in diamond manufacturing
      P van der Steen

CVD grown diamonds - 2010
      R Linares, P Doering, and B Linares

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