Furnace Tapping Conference 2014

Muldersdrift, South Africa, 27-29 May 2014

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‘The tap-hole’ – key to furnace performance
      LR Nelson and RJ Hundermark

Monitoring the wear of water-cooled tap-hole blocks by the OPTISAVE fibre-optic method
      M Hopf

Wear analysis of a tap-hole from A SiMn production furnace
      JD Steenkamp, JP Gous, PC Pistorius, M Tangstad, and JH Zietsman

An automatic ladle level measurement system for monitoring ladle fill rate during tapping
      A Rödfalk, JP Nilsson, N Brogden, P Bloemer, A Lyons, and OJ Østensen

Tap-hole repair: the UCAR®V Repair solution
      P O'Shaughnessy, H van der Merwe, and S Botes

Monitoring, repair, and safety practices for electric furnace matte tapping
      L Thomson

Blast furnace tapping practice at ArcelorMittal South Africa, Vanderbijlpark Works
      PG Geyer and Z Halifa

An overview of the design, operation, and maintenance practices relating to tap-hole management of a PGM smelting furnace
      WSB van Beek, TJ Goff, PE Nel, and E Rex

Maintenance and major repairs of tap-holes and tapping spouts
      LH Lindstad

Furnace tapping practice at Tronox Namakwa Sands
      SG Mgenge and JD Steenkamp

The tapping process in silicon production
      H Tveit, V Andersen, KH Berget, and R Jensen

Analysis and optimization of fume extraction from a ferromanganese furnace tapping operation
      L Els, P Cowx, P Smith, and R Nordhagen

Tap-hole monitoring technologies
      W Braun, P Gebski, R MacRosty, R Pula, A Sadri, and W Ying

Water-cooled tap-hole blocks
      I McDougall

Closing your slag tap-hole
      SC Essack

A short history of the development of tapping equipment
      A Dienenthal

METTOP’s ionic liquid cooling technology: the safest way of furnace tapping
      A Filzwieser, S Konetschnik, and E Dreyer

Tapping of PGM-Ni mattes: an industry survey
      I Nolet

Teck’s KIVCET lead tapping experience
      DJ Rioux, TA Moore, GJ McTeer, and DL Verhelst

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