Furnace Tapping Conference 2018

Kruger Park, South Africa, 15-16 October 2018

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Keynote Address: Slag carry-over and the production of clean steel
      PC Pistorius

Wear analysis of tap-holes at two ferrochromium production furnaces
      JD Steenkamp

Reduced metal loss to slag in HC FeCr production - by redesign based on mathematical modelling
      ST Johansen and E Ringdalen

Thermal assessment and identification of wear zones in a blast furnace hearth and tap-holes
      H Ghorbani, M Al-Dojali, and K Chomyn

Improvements to the Anglo Converting Process (ACP) tapblock management
      A Hoosen, M Sichone, and I Rambiyana

Development, installation, and operation of a full-copper, deep-cooled slag tap-block for a six-in-line copper slag-cleaning furnace
      BN Belford, P Conradie, and T Mwanza

Measurement of metal temperature during tapping of an industrial FeSi furnace
      M Ksiazek, HM Hustad, A Nymoen, J Holtan, S Gradahl, S Kaukonen, and M Tangstad

More health-frlendly materials for the tapping area
      LH Lindstad

Non-water-based metal tap-hole cooling - a safer alternative
      MW Kennedy, A MacRae, P Nos, and F Olesen

Tapping procedures in silicon production, and the role of female tapping operators
      MB Folstad, M Tangstad, E Ringdalen, R Fredriksli, and S Dalum

Keynote Address: Managing the tap-hole life-cycle at five submerged arc furnaces producing silicomanganese at Transalloys
      JJ Sutherland and JP Gous

Phase effects in tap-hole flow - a computational modelling study
      QG Reynolds, JE Olsen, MW Erwee, and OF Oxtoby

Tap-hole maintenance and management on furnace 10 at Eramet Norway Porsgrunn
      JE Davidsen and M Honstad

Excavation of a SiMn-Furnace
      E Ringdalen and M Ksiazek

Multiphase flow modelling of lancing of furnace tap-holes: validation of multiphase flow simulated in OpenFOAM
      MW Erwee, QG Reynolds, JH Zietsman, and PJA Bezuidenhout

Numerical simulation - a tap-hole refractory design study
      DR Kreuzer, HU Marschall, and C Wagner

Optlmizing tap-hole performance using a risk-based asset management strategy
      S Faux, C Walker, F Stober, R MacRosty, M Darini, and B Kargutkar

Temperature field at the tap-hole in a manganese furnace - a computational modelling study
      JE Olsen, QG Reynolds, and MW Erwee

Tap-hole opening: Advances and improvements
      D Morales. C Morales, and S Nunez

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