Colloquium: Preparation of EMPs for Mines: Facing the Realities

Randburg, South Africa, 3 August 1993

Cover, Contents

Preparation of an assessment of the impact by mining operations on the water environment
      AM van Niekerk

Integrated environmental management in the mining industry
      JD Wells

Control of dust emission and impacts from surface mines and works
      H Annegarn

Interested (concerned) and affected parties as defined by the Department of Environmental Affairs
      L Barwell

Receiving water quality objectives: the economic concept, the standards, the implications
      SS Forster

Preparation of EMPs for mines: Agricultural objectives
      FJC Hugo

Pollution control objectives as specified by the environmental management programme
      JMO van Sittert

Case Study: Towards achieving 'receiving water quality objectives' (RWQO) in the Enyati valley
      HC van Zyl

Case Study: Optimum Colliery: Water management for the proposed Pullenshope mining area
      JNJ Viljoen

Case Study: A new residue disposal facility: A case for the application of integrated environmental management principles
      HC Geldenhuys

Case Study: Stream diversion and water control at Syferfontein Colliery
      JS de Vos

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