Pyrometallurgical Modelling - Principles and Practices

Kempton Park, South Africa, 4-5 August 2014

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Representation of coal and coal derivatives in process modelling
      JA Theron and E le Roux

The recovery of platinum group metals from low grade concentrates to an iron alloy using silicon carbide as reductant
      CWD Malan, G Akdogan, SM Bradshaw, and GA Bezuidenhout

Value-in-use model for chlorination of titania feestocks
      S Maharajh, J Muller, and JH Zietsman

Modelling and optimization of a rotary kiln direct reduction process
      HP Kritzinger and TC Kingsley

Development of an iron ore sinter process model to predict sinter strand operating parameters using the finite difference method
      J Muller, TL de Vries, BA Dippenaar, and JC Vreugdenburg

Interaction of dust with the DC plasma arc—a computational modelling investigation
      QG Reynolds

Sonic injection into a PGM Pierce Smith Converter: CFD modelling and industrial trials
      DK Chibwe, G Akdogan, GA Bezuidenhout, JPT Kapusta, SM Bradshaw, and JJ Eksteen

Mathematical modelling of slag dispersion in CLU reactor
      K Kabezya and RH Eric

Effect of feed composition fluctuations on a platinum furnace energy balance and slag temperature
      NJ Andrew, B van Beek, A Lexmond, and JH Zietsman

Modelling of fluid flow phenomena in Pierce-Smith copper converters and analysis of combined blowing concept
      DK Chibwe, G Akdogan, P Taskinen, and JJ Eksteen

Modelling of a steel belt sinter process
      WJ Leipoldt and JH Zietsman

Physical and numerical modelling of a four strand steelmaking tundish using flow analysis of different configurations
      JH Cloete, G Akdogan, SM Bradshaw, and DK Chibwe

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