The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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Updated August 2012

G1       Competent Person/Valuator status in terms of the SAMCODE reporting codes may be ratified for members authoring public reports by a peer review process in accordance with the provisions of By-law G and Clause 2.13 of the Constitution

G1.1     Members of the SAIMM or GSSA who wish to attain Competent Person/Valuator status for the purpose of having signing authority on public reports lodged with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange may submit themselves to a peer review process.

G1.2     The peer review process will fall under the auspices of the SAMREC-SAMVAL Committee (SSC), a joint SAIMM/GSSA entity. Its frame of reference will be the SAMCODES, as revised from time to time. The SSC shall convene a joint SAIMM/GSSA subcommittee with the sole purpose of undertaking Competent Person or Competent Valuator peer review. The purpose of the process is to confirm that a person purporting to be a Competent Person/Valuator satisfies all requirements of a Competent Person/Valuator as defined in the SAMCODES, and that his/her professional status has been validated by his/her Professional Association.

G1.3     Confirmation of Competency for an author of a report is to be obtained for each public, newly released Competent Person/Valuator report.

G1.4     Appeals against a ruling of the Peer Review Process may be made to the SSC via the Council of the professional body to which the appellant belongs. The ruling of the Council of the respective body will be final.

G1.5     While certification of competency through the peer review process may not be binding on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the peer review process represents a strong statement of support and comfort to the JSE.

G1.6     No member of the SAIMM or GSSA may sign a publicly released Competent Person Report without first obtaining certification of competency via the peer review process, unless he/she is a member of another professional body recognized by the JSE.