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Innovative process design for coppercobalt oxide ores in the Democratic Republic of Congo
D Alexander, C van der Merwe, R Lumbule, J Kgomo
Journal Paper Vol 118 - No 11 - Pg 1163
# Alan M. Clegg 2019-02-20 11:32
Interesting paper, the ERG team to be congratulated on their 'innovation' in dealing with the silica problem, etc. Yet, I found it so unnecessary when technology exists that could be deployed at the operations, and that would have delivered a far better process solution with non of the problems and/or heavy losses/costs that have been experienced by ERG. I am referring to the Alexander Mining patented AmmLeach technology that is/was available for primary deployment and/or retro-fit. This was documented within SAIMM in July 2015 as part of the proceedings of Southern Africa Base Metals Conference in Livingstone, the paper titled AmmLeach - A new Paradigm in Copper Cobalt processing by well known Hydro-metallurgist Dr. Nick Welham and Garry Johnston of Alexander Mining. Our industry is so slow to adapt more appropriate technology and rather chooses to go with what appears to be known, yet suffering higher costs, significant losses, and shareholder value destruction.
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