top5Top Five SAIMM Journal Papers Viewed Online

1.Tapping of PGM-Ni mattes: an industry survey by I. Nolet*
2.An overview of the design, operation, and maintenance practices relating to tap-hole management on a PGM smelting furnace by B. van Beek*, T.J. Goff*, P.E. Nel*, E. Rex*
3. Response surface optimization of process parameters for the removal of F and Cl from zinc oxide fume by microwave sulphating roasting by T. Hu*†‡, Z. Li*†‡, C. Liu*, L. Zhang*†‡, J. Peng*†‡, and B. Wang*†‡
4. Coal seam fracturing by a high-pressure waterjet technique to increase efficiency of coal mine gas drainage by T. Lu*, Y. Guo*, and X. Yang*
5. Tap-hole monitoring technologies by W. Braun*, P. Gebski*, R. MacRosty*, R. Pula*, A. Sadri*, and W. Ying*

Top Five SAIMM Journal Papers Downloaded

1. The process design of gold leaching and carbon-in-pulp circuits by W. Stange*
2. Neutron- and X-ray radiography/tomography: non-destructive analytical tools for the characterization of nuclear materials by F.C. de Beer*†
3. Estimating the strength of rock materials SYNOPSIS by Z. T. BIENIAWSKI*, Pr.Eng., D.Sc.(Eng.)
4. Occupational health and safety in mining—status, new developments, and concerns by M.A. Hermanus*
5. A review of the deposits and beneficiation of lower-grade chromite by RALPH H. NAFZIGER*, Ph.D., M.A.S.M., M.S.M.A., M.S.R.S.