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Date 06 February 2023
- 12 May 2023
Resources Citation 2023 Program Announcement-04022022.pdf


The Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics program (CPAG) provides a broad coverage of the most up-to-date mineral resource and reserve evaluation and estimation techniques. The programme is designed to assist geoscientists and mining engineers discover and extract mineral wealth under optimal conditions. It is ideally suited to mining and resource evaluation practitioners, developing knowledge, skills and in-depth understanding of modern geostatistical tools allowing them to better quantify resources and reserves. The course explains geostatistical concepts and tools, demonstrating the place of geostatistical models of heterogeneity and uncertainty in modern resource and reserve evaluation. It also builds an understanding of uncertainty management concepts through simulation methods.

The course content emphasises the importance of sound geological understanding as a precursor to the application of geostatistical methods and stochastic modeling. The topics include trends and non-stationarity, variograms for spatial continuity modeling, kriging for optimal estimation of resources, simulation for uncertainty quantification, multivariate modeling and decision making in the presence of uncertainty. The course is not specific to any particular mineral type, covering a wide range of mineral deposits as well as energy minerals and materials, and can be adapted for precious metals and bulk commodities. The course comprises classroom based instruction, tutoring, and self-study. In addition to prepared assignments, each participant undertakes a realistic mini-project using data from their work site. This program fills an important niche between the conventional one-week short course and the two-year Master’s degree program in the Faculty of Engineering, at Edmonton University. A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and/or Geoscience related field is a prerequisite for admission. South Africa’s geostatistical capacity has been seriously eroded over the last decade and there are very few non-captive (not employed fulltime by a mining company) geostatisticians in the market. Even geostatisticians employed by mining companies are invisible because they do not belong to the main professional societies. The skill level of the geostatistical fraternity is strongly dependent on the training provided by vendors of geostatistical modeling and software packages. The Citation course will provide the necessary updates for South African practitioners in the latest approaches to geostatistical modeling and mineral resource evaluation. It will assist many geologists and mining engineers to develop their skills and advance considerably in their ability to think along geostatistical framework and avoid many of the pitfalls of poor geostatistical decision making.