Entrepreneurship in the Minerals Industry - Pre-Conference Dialogue

Date Fri 31 May 2019, 17:00
Location Worley, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg
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Saltiel PuleLeading up to the Entrepreneurship Conference taking place on 31 July-1 August 2019 the SAIMM YPC and Sandvik Mining RSA would like to give you a taste of what can be expected at the conference with the pre-conference dialogue. The event is sponsored and hosted by Mr. Saltiel Pule Sandvik who will focus on Supplier Development by using a case study.


Saltiel Pule is currently woring for Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology as Business Line Manager for Undergroud Drills for Southern Africa. Saltiel qualifi ed as Mining Engineer and worked for Cullnan Diamond Mine before joining Sandvik Saltiel holds Mine Managers Certifi cate of Competency and is accredited with ECSA as a Professional Engineering Technologist.

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Phambili Solutions was founded 2013 by Lucia Ntwampe. She Identifi ed a on the job coaching need in the trackless mobile machinery (TMM) training industry, she noticed that operators could not effectively utilize the mechanised equipment. This was due to the shortage of skilled operators in the mechanised mining industry.


Phambili Solutions offers tailor made training solutions for underground trackless mobile machinery. We understand that the mechanised mining method in fairly new in South Africa and a result these a shortage of skilled mechanised equipment operators. With the new improvements in mind Phambili Solutions offers tailor made training solutions that seeks to identify areas of need by conducting operator evaluations and together with the client developed training interventions that are aimed at empowering the operators by giving them knowledge and skill to effi ciently operate the equipment ensuring that mining companies are able to meet the set production target.



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