SAIMM DIMI WORKSHOP 2021 - A Conversation of Belonging

Date Tue 29 March 2022, 11:30
Location Online Event
Resources DIMI Announcement & CFP 23092021.pdf

During the Diversity and Inclusion conference which will be hosted by SAIMM in August 2021 you would have had a prelude to this workshop by Karien van der Merwe and Neo Mamathuba. This workshop will be conversational. It is NOT about creating seats around the table BUT giving everyone around the table a voice and how to make that voice heard. The expert presenters will focus on qualitative work, on the process, the journey and creating safety for everyone to partake in the journey. They will NOT be focusing on quantitative BEEE numbers and how to get your numbers right. The online workshop will be limited to create a space to practice having the difficult conversation, so that you are prepared to have the conversations in your own spaces as well.