SAIMM Johannesburg Branch Event

Date Thu 18 April 2019, 17:00
Location Worley, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg



  • Mineral process specialists identify the root cause of plant failures to be the centrifugal slurry pumps
  • The sixteen parameters to be evaluated while selecting centrifugal slurry pumps
  • The small number of parameters where the centrifugal pump contributes to the overall process parameters
  • The ten parameters responsible for a successful or catastrophic pumping scenario
  • The single page heads-up display of the types and characteristics of centrifugal slurry pump applications from froth to paste
  • The single page heads-up display of the range of centrifugal slurry pumps within the product portfolio
  • The overall layout of a simplistic plant including typography, elevation and temperature
  • The Q/h system curve being the sole ownership of the final customer
  • The Q/h pump speed curve being the sole ownership of the pump designer
  • The centreline of the hydraulic universe
  • Static heads: inlet (suction), discharge, differential
  • Pipeline discharge velocity versus settling velocity
  • Hazen & Williams versus Darcy Weibach friction head loss calculation
  • Dynamic head loss: pipeline friction, pressure, velocity, intrusion
  • Desired duty point subject to six parameters: sump level, steepness of dynamic friction head loss, pump rotational speed
  • Total developed head
  • Deration of pump efficiency
  • Enhancement of total developed head
  • Power absorbed by centrifugal pump
  • Factors of safety required for drives
  • Power installed
  • Variable Frequency/Variable Voltage/Variable Speed
  • Affinity Laws
  • Metallurgical Mass Balance
  • Special Purpose Pumps for froth and paste
  • Viscosity Effect
  • Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)

About the presenter

About the presenter: MURRAY JOOSTE CV

  • Graduate B.Sc Electrical Engineer Witwatersrand University
  • Employed by the South African Railways as a signalling engineer on various modular “Spoorplan” signalling installations
  • Locally employed by Thorn M I (Rugeley UK) as an engineer on DC variable speed drives and industrial electronics
  • Locally employed by General Electric (USA) as an engineer on AC and DC motor control centers for various industries
  • Seconded to General Electric (USA) to their variable speed and steel mill specific design centre in Roanoke Virginia (USA) for a period of 18 months, specifically related to the ISCOR Hot Strip Mill project
  • Locally employed as a field service engineer for General Electric (USA), commissioned various parts of the Hot Strip Mill, especially the Coiler and Up-ender
  • Employed as a application engineer by K Baker Assosiates (KBA) on various mining related industrial electronics, primarily ultrasonic level controls and high voltage test equipment
  • Bill Venter (ALLIED ELECTRIC) bought the company KBA and I worked for Bill Venter for a period 9  years ending up as General Manager
  • Locally employed by General Electric Company (GEC) (UK) as General Manager of the railway signalling department at Driehoek
  • Via a merger by REUTECH (BARLOWS) ,two of the competing railway signalling departments were merged into TELKOR /GEC I served as the marketing manager in Randburg
  • Moved locally within the General Electric Company (GEC) (UK) to the rejuvenated South African Traction Manufacturers facility at Driehoek, serving GEC, Hitachi and Toshiba Traction as the general manager
  • Moved locally within the General Electric Company (GEC) (UK) to the Small Machines Factory in Benoni as sales and marketing manager responsible for small/medium AC and DC electric motors
  • Locally employed by Femtech as sales and marketing manager for Femco at the manufacturing facilities at Brits and Wynberg responsible for small aluminium AC electric motors
  • Locally employed by Envirotech (USA) at the Isando manufacturing facility as sales manager for the RSA and beyond specialising on slurry pump applications in the mining industry
  • Mergers and take overs (Envirotech and Warman) led to the current corporate environment under the holding company Weir Minerals (Scotland) operating from Isando and Alrode as Weir Minerals Africa (WMA)
  • Having retired I find myself currently in the fortunate position of concentrating primarily on the tough application engineering challenges as well as offering specialised technical training to both internal candidates as well as customers, consultants and end users.