The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy established a Scholarship Trust Fund for students registered for Mining and Metallurgy at South African tertiary educational Institutions in 2003. The goal of the Fund is ʻto ensure that no deserving, prospective student or student with potential is denied the opportunity to have a career in the minerals and metals industry as a technically qualified graduate in mining, metallurgy or minerals processing, because of a shortage of financeʼ. The Fund does not endeavour to fully support a small number of students but rather to provide some assistance to a greater number of needy students who depend on personal or family funds for their educational needs. This hopefully assists in attracting and retaining promising students in mining and metallurgy and not losing them to less costly educational options.

The Fund is dependent on contributions from individual members, corporate members and to a large extent the SAIMM itself. I appeal to you to encourage fellow members, colleagues, friends, family, and your employers to generously support the Scholarship Trust Fund.

The Scholarship Trust Fund is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and all donations are fully tax deductible. The Fund operates as a Trust fund under the administration of the SAIMM. The distributed funds are used for the specific benefit of deserving students in their early years (1st or 2nd year) of Mining and/or Metallurgical study. Thus these funds reward good study habits and assist young students to spend more of their efforts at study rather than at attempting to earn money to make ends meet and make it possible for the financially stretched students to remain in their chosen discipline of study even though they have not yet been awarded a company bursary.

Company bursaries are seldom awarded until at least the second year of study and then not all students will receive a bursary. The SAIMMʼs Scholarship Trust Fund supports the following institutions; UCT Chemical Engineering (Minerals Processing Option), Stellenbosch Chemical Engineering (MPO), Pretoria University Mining and Metallurgical Depts., Witwatersrand University Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Depts., and the University of Johannesburg Mining and Metallurgy Depts. Each department submits an annual report that details the use of the disbursed funds to the Trustees for their perusal and feedback.

I appeal to you to make an annual donation to such a worthy cause.

The Fund has its own bank account and it is possible to make contributions via EFTʼs. The details are:

First National Bank: SAIMM Scholarship Trust Fund
Branch number : 251705
Account number: 62227511286

All of us who work in the mining industry benefit from the quality and quantity of graduates in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. In the future these people will drive the industry and through their innovation keep the industry as a vigorous and productive segment of the South African economy.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Roger Dixon
Chairperson—SAIMM Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Trust Fund

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