Special Publications

SP1  Proceedings, Underground Transport Symposium
(1986) Edited by R C R Edgar

SP2  Backfill in South African Mines (1988)

SP3  Treatment and Re-use of Water in the Minerals Industry (1989)

SP4  COREX Symposium 1990
(1990) Edited by H M W Delport and P T. Holaschke

SP5  Measurement, Control, and Optimization in Mineral Processing
(1994) Edited by HW Glen

SP6  Handbook on Hard-Rock Strata Control
(1994) A J S Spearing

SP7  Rock Engineering for underground coal mining
(2002) J Nielen van der Meiwe and Bernard J Madden

SP8 Theoretical Rock Mechanics for Professional Practice
(2016) Matthew Handley


The Metals and Minerals Industry in South Africa - Part 1 (1989)
Edited by HW Glen