careerGuidanceMining Companies need well educated and trained engineers and scientists.  The SAIMM Career Guidance and Education Committee has assumed much of the work previously carried out by the Chamber of Mines in the area of Career Guidance and Education promotion, in the disciplines of Mining Engineering, Mine Surveying, Geology and Metallurgy.

The goal of the Career Guidance and Education Committee is the promotion of the mining industry through the dissemination of information to attract quality candidates for engineering careers. Furthermore, in light of the current acute engineering shortage, focus is placed on the retention and further development of good engineering talent in the industry.

The Career Guidance and Education Committee has developed an interactive CD to transfer mining industry information to scholars. A CD is included containing the program. The program transfers general information about different mining industry disciplines, career paths, and tertiary institutions which present these courses.  In addition, information about financing studies is provided to scholars.  A list of companies affiliated with the SAIMM is also provided.

The program and interactive CD can serve as a platform to transfer additional information about companies.  This could include videos, brochures and documents amongst others.

The objective of this initiative is to distribute the CD to grade 10 to 12 Science and Career Guidance teachers.  In addition, the program will be available on the SAIMM Career Guidance web page.