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Full Name: Tinashe Chikomo

Position: Plant Metallurgist

What contribution do you see yourself making to the Young Professionals Council and the SAIMM?:

  • One of the key areas of interest in my developing career has been technical and operations training, primarily for students on industrial attachment and graduates. I believe that l can aid in research and forming synergies between industry and academics through various interactions. As such, of the working groups, the education and career guidance divisions will be the fields I will be able to contribute to the YPC. To the broader SAIMM body, I have taken a leaf from various presentations that have been made across the board and over the years have aided various personnel in their presentations at institutional, national and regional level.

Interaction/activities that you currently participate in within the SAIMM (if applicable):

  • SAIMM YPC Member 2020-2021.

  • Associate Member of SAIMM.

  • Attended a SAIMM conference held in Zimbabwe once in August 2017.


  • BSc Honours Degree in Metallurgical Engineering (UZ), 2013-2017

  • Development and Implementation Certificates for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 (Standards Association of Zimbabwe), 2019

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PMZ), 2020

  • Diploma in General Management (BTD-UZ), 2022

Brief career history:

  • Tinashe did his graduate learnership with Freda Rebecca Gold Mine (FRGM), Bindura, Zimbabwe in August 2017 and in September 2019 he was appointed Junior Metallurgist. As of April 2020, he is a Plant Metallurgist whose section covers Metallurgical Services and Production. Previously, before his tenure at FRGM, in 2016 he was an intern at Clarson and Company: Founders and Engineers in Harare for a period of 6 months.

Date and place of birth:

Born on the 11th of February 1994 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Other industry body affiliations?

Zimbabwe Institution of Zimbabwe (ZIE) – Graduate Member
Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ) – Member

What are your views on the 4th industrial revolution?

The 4th industrial revolution will be highly dynamic and robust and founded on robotics, artificial intelligence and internet of things will require a lot of agility to fully embrace and will touch all facets of industry; agriculture, mining, transport, communications, banking and manufacturing among other sectors. Key will be to equip the youth (present and future generations) with the right skills and knowledge especially in Africa to ensure sustainability on a socio-economic front. In the mining industry it will bring about broader ore resource modelling and valuation, remote-controlled mining activities, process simulations, modelling and automated control, extensive resource recycling and waste management and sustainable environmental management especially in developing countries.

If you were a precious metal what would you be and why?

Gold. The metal has primarily four broad uses, i.e. in industrial applications, for jewellery, in medicine and for investments. This versatility is exceptional especially in the latter, many currencies worldwide are backed by the yellow metal showing that it is an integral part of the global economy and central to many transactions. Also, the nobility of gold in terms of its reactivity can be a reflection on real life in that, not being shaken by events of life is a true, valuable virtue that is rare in many, to have it may be key for sustainability and success.

How do you think industry bodies such as the SAIMM can better equip young professionals such as yourself?

The bodies can offer a platform for young professionals to know the emerging industrial and economic trends and technologies in the industry especially in platforms such as seminars, conference discussions and research material of the SAIMM journals. Many of the issues discussed can apply in various scenarios in a relatable manner and offer solutions to challenges that are being faces world over. It also offers an opportunity for the youth to share knowledge, research and discoveries across a wide spectrum of platforms. Also, the opportunity to network with other professionals can be created through group interactions etc.

How do you see young professionals making a significant change in the industry?

The bulk of human zeal, energy, enthusiasm and curiosity lies in the youthful generation and as such new ideas and an alternate way of thinking from young professionals can lead to great transformations in the society at large, circumventing and challenging the status quo in greater society.

What gets you up in the morning?

Hope. I believe Africa is a very fertile ground for sustainable development. The drive to see Africa fully embracing secondary, tertiary and quaternary industries so as to have its own share in beneficiation and value addition to its resources. Once this status has been achieved, I see an Africa which can export medicine, human capital, refined metals and material products, food, chemicals and technologies among other aspects to other parts of the world and realise the benefit thereof for its populace.

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