The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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SAIMM is proud to be one of the founding partners in the Global Mineral Professionals Alliance (GMPA), a collaboration of leading professional organisations for minerals professionals around the world.

The GMPA member institutes take a leadership role in the pursuit and continuing development of best practice professionalism in the minerals industries. Areas of focus include science, engineering, mineral processing, environmental stewardship, community engagement and mineral economics and finance.

Current GMPA members are:



Professional Development Programming

  Contact Name Email
AusIMM  Phoebe Tan
CIM Lise Bujold
IIMP Roxana Chung
IOM3 Dr. Diane Aston
SAIMM Mining – Gary Lane
Metallurgy – Zelmia Botha
SME Tara Davis

Information Systems:

  Contact Name Email
AusIMM  Phoebe Tan
CIM Lorent Dione
IIMP Sara Leyton
IOM3 Kim Bowden
SAIMM Prof Rodney Jones
SME Paul Hoiberg


Benefits for SAIMM members

The GMPA collaboration brings many benefits to SAIMM members. The GMPA enables SAIMM and its partners to pool resources and effort to bring excellent professional development opportunities for members, including through conferences which are delivered collaboratively (many on a rotating basis between partner institutes) and we are actively exploring opportunities to develop publications and online learning resources for members as collaborative effort between the partner institutes.

The OneMine global mining database is a key product that GMPA member institutes have a shared role in developing and promoting. For more information on OneMine and how to access it as an SAIMM member, please see the OneMine link on the home page of the SAIMM website.

Visiting members’ recognition amongst GMPA partners

GMPA partners offer members of the other institutes the ability to be recognised as a ‘visiting member’ when living and working away from their normal home base for a period of up to twelve months.

For example, under this agreement, SAIMM members working in Australia will be recognised by AusIMM as visiting members. A member recognised under this arrangement will be given access to all AusIMM member benefits for up to 12 months without having to separately join as a member of AusIMM. The SAIMM will in turn offer visiting member rights to a member of the AusIMM living in South Africa for up to 12 months.

For more information about visiting memberships, please contact

GMPA’s Memorandum of Understanding and membership

The GMPA operates under a Memorandum of Understanding. An initial MoU was signed in Brisbane, Australia in 2013, and can be viewed here. The MoU is kept under regular review and will be updated to reflect continuing developments in GMPA activities and membership.

As the GMPA develops, it is envisaged that further professional institutes may be welcomed into the partnership. The membership of GMPA is a matter that will be determined by the current members. GMPA members are required to:

  • Work together to identify and deliver collaborative projects that are of mutual benefit.
  • Share knowledge and resources regarding effective ways to support the professional development of institute members.
  • Be a partner of – or commit to joining – the OneMine global mining database.

Candidates for membership of GMPA will generally be the principal organisation representing mining professionals of its nation (or multi-nation region), will typically comprise members who practise, represent, and promote the multiple technical disciplines inherent in mining activities, have “not-for-profit” status, and must have an enforceable Code of Ethics. In limited circumstances it may be appropriate for two organizations from a nation or multi-national region to join the GMPA where no single organisation represents the breadth of minerals professions and where the two organizations complement (rather than compete with) each other.

GMPA and IIMCh sign new MoU

The Global Mineral Professionals Alliance (GMPA) has welcomed its newest member organization, the Chilean Institute of Mining Engineers (Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile; IIMCh) with the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding.

Established in 2011, the GMPA is a collaboration between the peak member associations for minerals professionals around the world, providing leadership, promoting technical and professional excellence, upholding codes and standards, and providing opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Established in 2011, the GMPA is a collaboration between the peak member associations for minerals professionals around the world, providing leadership, promoting technical and professional excellence, upholding codes and standards, and providing opportunities for knowledge sharing.

IIMCh looks forward to their involvement, “the GMPA constitutes the most experienced, knowledgeable and reputable group of global professional minerals-related societies. IIMCh is happy to join the GMPA. The Chilean mining industry deserves new thinking, transparent debates, decisive actions, and trustworthy solutions. We expect significant interaction and participation from our members in the activities and initiatives of the GMPA and its member associations.”

A primary area of focus of the GMPA in 2020, will be to collectively further its work on the Global Action on Tailings (GAT) initiative, addressing challenges concerning tailings disposal and storage with its technical experts across tailings facility design, construction, operation, management, reprocessing, remediation and closure. The GMPA GAT aims to build awareness and foundational knowledge of tailings management, provide education and professional development activities to enhance competency in tailings management and contribute to community understanding of mining, mineral processing and tailings and improve trust in the professionals who work in the sector.

Representing more than 60,000 minerals professionals globally, GMPA member organizations are:
Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM), Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum (CIM), Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3), Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile (IIMCh), Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú (IIMP), Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. (SME), and Southern African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (SAIMM).

For further information contact:
Susan Woodman –
GMPA Secretariat