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SAIMM Mentoring Programme

What is Mentoring?

What is a Mentor?
The broad definition is this: an experienced person who goes out of his/her way to help a mentee set important life goals and develop the skills to reach them. An informal mentor provides coaching, listening, advice, sounding board reactions, or other help in an unstructured, casual manner. A formal or enhanced informal mentor agrees to an ongoing, planned partnership that focuses on helping the mentee reach specific goals over a designated period.

How do I become a Mentee?

We suggest that you start by reading articles to do with personal vision and development plans. Take an hour or two to work through the exercises there. They'll help you clarify your goals and the kind of help you want.
Here's a brief outline to guide you:

  • Reframe your own role and responsibilities
  • Identify what - then whom - you need
  • Evaluate yourself as a prospective mentee
  • Identify potential mentors
  • Prepare to approach your potential mentors
  • Approach your potential mentors

In a nutshell, make it easy for someone to help you. Know what it is you want and be specific when you make your request. Take responsibility for your development. Have realistic expectations of others and be sure to express your appreciation for any help you receive.

It's unlikely that one person can provide all the help you need, so look for several individuals who might each play a part. Service and professional organizations are full of individuals with varied interests and expertise. They can also be a wonderful source of assistance.

Make sure you're well prepared before you make the contacts (and be thinking of ways you might be able to offer assistance in exchange for the help).

Code of Ethics for Mentors and Mentees

Code of ethics for mentors and mentees. Mentors/mentees must adhere to the following ethical principles:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality on all aspects of the mentor-mentee relationship and will only divulge information pertaining to the mentor/mentee or the relationship if express permission to do so is given by the mentor/mentee.
  • Refrain from discussing the mentor/mentee with any third party.
  • Activities designed to lure a mentee away from the latter's current place of employment or to undertake any related activities are forbidden.
  • All interaction between the mentor and the mentee should be at a professional level and thus, mentor/mentee should not exploit the mentoring relationship for any personal gain to the mentor/mentee.
  • Mentors should be sensitive to racial and gender differences and should, accordingly treat all mentees equitably.
  • Mentors should distance themselves from any possible issues of conflict between companies in relation to mentees.

Mentor Criteria

The overriding criterion is that mentors must want to be mentors (i.e. a genuine interest in “growing” others) and that this desire is primarily for the benefit of the mentee and not for any other ulterior motives. In addition, the mentor must:

  • Be a person of standing in the mining or related industries with demonstrable levels of wisdom, experience, knowledge and expertise to which peers can attest
  • Be prepared to offer up adequate time to the people he/she is mentoring
  • Be trustworthy, reliable and ethical
  • Have sound interpersonal skills
  • Have a broad personal network (of people in the Mining Industry mainly)
  • Be a person who sets high personal standards.

Mentoring Privacy

During the Mentoring programme registration process you will be required to enter contact details and experience information into a brief CV. The Mentor CV information is only visible to Mentees and Mentee's to Mentors. Furthermore it is possible to partake in the Mentoring programme without revealing yourself at all to any other participants. Three options are available to control your participation and visibility in the Mentoring programme:

  • Available: Says to other participants in the Mentoring programme that you are available to start an active Mentoring session. This option could be used by a Mentor to indicate he has a full quota of Mentees, or he is currently involved with another project, or he is on vacation.
  • Contactable: Controls whether or not your contact details, are available from the website. If they are a "direct email" link is available.
  • Viewable: Allows participation in the Mentoring program, but without your name or CV information available to others. In this state you would have to email / fax / post your CV information to a Mentoring partner as it will not be available from the Mentoring site.

How to Register for Mentoring

Please note you must be a registered and logged in as a "SAIMM Web User" to be able to register for the SAIMM Mentoring Programme. Once you have register for the Mentoring Programme, you can proceed directly to step 14 for future Mentoring logins. Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Quick registration form and press Submit registration.
  2. The administration person will add the successful applicant to the mentor data base and inform the candidate about the login details.
  3. The candidate can login into the data base and should confirm personal details. The candidate can start with the mentoring process.
  4. For any assistance contact the adminstration person, Sam Moolla

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