The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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From the committees

  • What Diversity and Inclusion means to me

    Kabelo Rathobei 07042022’Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.’ —Mahatma Gandhi

    Like a body with many parts, connected and made to function in multiple diverse ways, yet as one, so is the mining industry – different facets, all in one body, each individual contributing towards the many successes achieved thus far.

    To me, diversity and inclusion mean discerning beyond labels. Seeing, acknowledging, and valuing uniqueness and understanding that this is what makes us whole. I believe diversity and inclusion are not just cosmetics but form a significant foundation that maintains the integrity of an organization. In including all, we validate their voices, persons, even their skills and expertise. It means creating working environments that foster inclusion –an indispensable precondition that empowers us to unite and embrace how diverse we are while capitalizing on this pool of diversity to achieve individual growth and sustainable growth for the whole organization.

    We are all different, not less, and are stronger when everyone is included.

    Nthati Monei

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  • A Future Beyond Bricks and Mortar

    A future 01042022 1The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of work forever, as it catalyzed and brought forward changes to work arrangements for all companies. The Minerals Council as a progressive and agile organization also adapted to the ‘new For the last 132 years the Minerals Council (previously known as the Chamber of Mines) has had a leading presence in the inner city anchored in the Minerals Council building, which was constructed in 1921. It was a six-storey building, constructed in the Renaissance style with the Minerals Council taking occupancy at the end of 1921 and holding its first AGM in the building on 27 March 1922.

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  • SAIMM Advertising Opportunities – Rate Card 2022

    journals 20012022The SAIMM offers businesses wanting to reach decision makers, thought-leaders and key opinion-formers in the mining environment different opportunities and essential platforms to do so. Include the SAIMM in your marketing plan if you want to get noticed, grow your market share and assure your existing client base that they are dealing with the right service provider. The SAIMM’s monthly, highly regarded Journal, website and monthly Journal mailer are distinctly differentiated from other available commercial mining publications, and online digital avenues.

    Barbara Spence · Avenue Advertising
    PO Box 71308, Bryanston, 2021
    Tel: 011 463 7940 · Cell: 082 881 345

  • Another year

    Another year

    Another year, filled with unprecedented challenges and changes, is rapidly drawing to an end. Inevitably, it is that time of year when we reflect on what has been, and what the last year means to us. Some days it still seems as though what we’ve been through over the past two years belongs in a Hollywood movie, not in our backyards. The SAIMM as a living institute has not been untouched by the impact of the global pandemic either. Since March 2020, no face-to-face conferences have been hosted, and major events have been cancelled or postponed. In response, we embarked on embracing digital content, including regular webinars and digital technical events across many themes. In October and November alone, over 600 delegates logged into SAIMM events to participate in technical workshops, conferences, and webinars across a broad range of themes. The SAIMM continues to develop its digital platform, and forthcoming hybrid, offerings to reach its membership as well as the broader mining and metals community. Via the Global Mineral Professionals Alliance (GMPA) the Institute collaborates with like-minded member associations around the world, and the future of such associations increasingly relies on closer collaboration as digital content removes geographical boundaries.

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  • SAIMM Book Sale

    SAIMM Book Sale

    Anyone who’s ever moved after staying in one home or office for an extended time knows that in the inevitable packing process you realize you have excess stuff, especially if you downsize. Over many years of publishing, the SAIMM has accumulated a great number of high-quality books and conference proceedings. As part of our downsizing efforts, a book sale is being held.

    Some of the titles may be sold out.
    Please contact Sam Moolla @ to confirm availability.

    View the full list below:

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  • SAIMM President Isabel Geldenhuys talks to Mining Weekly

    South Africa on verge of nice breakthroughs in hydrogen, says new SAIMM president
    17th August 2021
    By Martin Creamer

    Speaking to Mining Weekly in a Zoom interview, Geldenhuys expressed the view that all the big mines with big moving machinery will have the opportunity to move away from diesel and switch to a hydrogen-based fuel system because of the contained ecosystem. While the use of green hydrogen is always first prize, Geldenhuys pointed out that many processes have grey hydrogen as a byproduct and expressed the view that where grey hydrogen is at the ready, it should be used as an imperfect solution rather than being left to go to waste.

    She said that South Africa had the required hydrogen know-how as a consequence of the Department of Science and Innovation having supported the hydrogen economy concept for nearly 20 years. “What really excites me is the focus on being greener and more efficient," Geldenhuys said. On the multidisciplinary front, she said: "There are many opportunities for us to work together and bring interesting, transdisciplinary thinking into metallurgy to solve our big problems.” Under her leadership, the SAIMM plans to strengthen its online presence so that it can communicate optimally with the rest of the mining and metallurgy world at a time of rising mining fortunes. South Africa’s mining and metallurgy history extends across more than a century, which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge being accessible from SAIMM’s databases.

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From the President's Corner

  • Reflections on the ‘impossible’ and the ‘unthinkable’

    ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.Today, I am wise so I am changing myself.’ - Rumi During the early weeks of March 2022, the coldest location on the planet experienced an episode of exceptionally warm weather. Temperatures over the eastern Antarctic ice sheet soared by 10 to 32°C above normal. The warm spell smashed records and

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  • “Making the invisible visible”

    The United Nations World Water Development Report is a flagship report on water and sanitation issues, focusing on a different theme in each issue. The report provides insight on main trends concerning the state, use and management of freshwater and sanitation, and is launched in conjunction with World Water Day. The intent of this report is to provide decision-makers with

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  • Dare to dream big

    After two years of uncertainty, 2022 seems to be developing into something that feels more normal. Perhaps some of this normality is just us adapting to the unpredictability and the curveballs we’ve been given, but either way, we are daring to dream big this year. For the SAIMM, the past two years meant many changes to the status quo. With

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From the Journal Comments

  • Developing the South African PGM Industry

    South Africa is truly blessed with platinum group metal (PGM) reserves with approximately 90% of the world reserves according to Merchant Research and Consulting. South Africa is a major supplier of the PGMs, namely Pt (74% of world supply), Pd (39%), Rh (82%), Ir (81%), and Ru (90%) in 2021, according to SFA Oxford. These figures are likely to increase

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  • From Acronyms to Energy

    The first thing that struck me when I read through the abstracts of the papers in this edition was that they are all the work of authors who are based in South Africa. This is a wonderful illustration of the capabilities that exist in South Africa to serve the mining and metallurgical industry.A wide range of subject matter makes for

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