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Young Professionals Council

For more information about the YPC please contact Sam Moolla


The Young Professionals Council of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM-YPC) is constituted to develop and promote initiatives and industry awareness of the members of the Institute who are 35 years and younger and to provide an alternative perspective to Council (SAIMM) to consider in its decision-making.


The SAIMM-YPC is committed to the SAIMM Constitution, viz., to:

  • Render professional services of high quality to its members and to continually improve these services by keeping abreast of technological developments;
  • Apply professional ethics in all its activities and encourage members to follow suit;
  • Fulfil its obligations towards the community and the environment;
  • Continually strengthen its image as a dynamic organization by playing a leading role in the initiation and implementation of new ideas and by organizing events around topical themes;
  • Diligently promote the interests of its members and to represent them in a competent manner;
  • Bring the mining and metallurgical fraternity, research and education personnel, and students, together in one organization; and
  • Judiciously anticipate the needs of members.


The activities of the SAIMM-YPC encompass but are not limited to the following focus areas:

  • The role in influencing schools – from career guidance, mathematics, science, tutoring life skills, etc.
  • The role in universities – from the selection processes to the alignment in getting the degree and its uses in the industry
  • The role of business – from best practice, training programmes, mentoring programmes, and development
  • Influencing other bodies such as ECSA, DMR, AMMSA, etc. for the benefit of all young professionals
  • Influencing service providers outside the mainstream who provide secondary services
  • Instituting entrepreneurial activities that will serve the requirements of young professionals.

Scholarship Trust Fund

The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy established a Scholarship Trust Fund for students in Mining and Metallurgy at South African tertiary educational Institutions in 2003. The fund holds some reserves for future years in order to smooth the flow of monies to the Institutions. Considerable funding has come from the SAIMM itself as it has contributed R220 000 each year; but significant funds have also been donated by individuals in the minerals and metals industry or by the smaller companies operating in the industry.

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