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ZrTa2011 New Metals Development Network Conference

Date 12 October 2011
- 14 October 2011
Location Mount Grace Country House, Johannesburg
We are no longer accepting registration for this event





AMI, Department Science and Technology in association with the SAIMM are hosting the

New Metals Development Network Conference

12 - 14 October 2011
Mount Grace Country House & Spa, Magaliesburg

The Advanced Metals Initiative (AMI) of the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) facilitates research, development and innovation across the whole value chain in the field of advanced metals.

The goal is to achieve sustainable local mineral beneficiation and to increase the downstream value addition of local advanced metals in a sustainable manner through industry, relevant research and development, technology transfer, and ultimately, commercialisation.

ZrTa2011 aims to bring together researchers, industry and government stakeholders to share and debate the latest trends, research and innovative solutions in the field of zirconium, hafnium, niobium and tantalum metals. This is the focus of the New Metals Development Network of the AMI.

The event kicks off with a Student Seminar covering the full scope of the AMI on 12 October 2011. This includes all the networks, namely Light Metals (Ti, Al, Mg), Precious Metals (Au & PGMs), New Metals (Zr, Hf, Nb & Ta) and Ferrous & Base Metals. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to share their research with peers and to improve their presentation skills.

Conference delegates will be treated to a cocktail reception function on the evening of 12 October 2011 and the conference dinner will take place the next evening.

ZrTa2011 formally starts on the morning of 13 October 2011 and runs through to the afternoon of 14 October 2011.





Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Companies wishing to sponsor or exhibit should contact the Conference Co-ordinator

Raymond van der Berg
Conference Co-ordinator
SAIMM, P O Box 61127

Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923
Co-ordinator Email:


Conference Committee

Conference Chairman
Dr J T Nel (Necsa)

Ms W du Plessis (Necsa)
Mr A.D Pienaar (Necsa)
Ms C J Pretorius (Necsa)
Mr J L Havenga (Necsa)
Dr  E Snyders (Necsa)
Dr  U Naidoo (DST)


Preliminary Programme
                                                          Day 1            
                                                 12 October 2011

07:30-08:30          Registration and Coffee

08:30-08:40          Welcome-Conference Chairman
                               Dr J T Nel, NMDN co-ordinator (Chief Scientist), Necsa

Session 1:

08:40-09:00           Opening Address
                                Dr P Mjwara, Director-General, Department of Science and

09:00-09:15            Characterization of Au catalysts for the hydrogenation of CO
                                 T van Heerden, E van Steen and J Case, University of Cape

09:15-09:30             Separation and recovery of niobium and tantalum with
                                  solvent extraction
                                  M J Ungerer, D J van der Westhuizen, G Lachmann and H M Krieg,
                                  North-West University

09:30-09:45              Hydrogen-induced phase transformation
                                   Z N Sentsho*€ , C Arendse€  and M Topic*, *iThemba LABS,
                                  € University of the Western Cape

09:45-10:15              Morning Tea

Session 2:

10:15-10:30              Platinum promotion in supported gold catalysts for glycerol
                                  M Royker, E van Steen and J Case, University of Cape Town

10:30-10:45              Development of ODS DSS nanocomposites
                                   S Olaniran and O P Apata, Tshwane University of Technology

10:45-11:00               Microstructural, mechanical and oxidation properties evolution of
                                    Î³-TiAl compound with addition of precious metals
                                    I A Mwamba*, L A Cornish€  and E van der Lingen*, *Mintek
                                    and € University of the Witwatersrand

11:00-11:15               The study of the formation of intermetallic compounds
                                    in Pt-Mo coated systems
                                    Z M Khumalo*€ , M Topic€  and C Comrie*, *iThemba Labs,
                                    € University of the Western Cape

11:15-11:30                Electrochemical study of Fe-21Cr-1Ni duplex stainless steels with
                                     minor ruthenium addition at different temperatures
                                     O A Olaseinde*€ , J W van der Merwe*€ , L A Cornish*€  and
                                     P A Olubambi€ €¡, *University of the Witwatersrand, € AMSEN
                                     Tswane University of Technology

11:30-11:45                 Phase transformations in the platinum-chromium coated system
                                      N Hanief, University of Cape Town

11:45-12:00                 Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cu-Ru-Ta 
                                      composites for electronic interconnection application
                                      R Sule, P A Olumbambi and B T Abe, Tshwane University of

12:00-12:15                 Quantification and the influence of metal contaminants in the
                                      spectrometric determination of PGM and gold
                                      T T Chiweshe, W Purcell and J Venter, University of the Free

12:15-13:15                  Lunch

Session 3:

13:15-13:30                 A comparative study of two co-oxidants in the dihydroxylation
                                     of olefins by an Os/Zn-Al hydrotalcitelike catalyst
                                     P Mpungose, H B Friedrich and G E M Maguire, University of

13:30-13:45                Gold and gold-platinum supported catalysts for preferential CO
                                     T Cwele and H B Friedrich, University of KwaZulu-Natal

13:45-14:00                Investigation into heterogeneous aminohydroxylation of olefins
                                     using a hydrotalcite-like catalyst containing Os
                                     M I Fadlalla, G E M Maguire and H B Friedrich, University of

14:00 - 14:15              A study of some as cast and heat treated alloys of the Pt-Al-V
                                    system at the Pt-rich corner
                                    B O Odera, L A Cornish, M B Shongwe and G O Rading,
                                    University of the Witwatersrand, AMSEN and Tshwane 
                                    University of Technology

14:15 - 14:30             On the development of bainitic alloys for railway wheel
                                    A Kapito, W Stumpf and M J Papo, Mintek, University of
                                    Pretoria and University of the Witwatersrand

14:30 - 14:45              A study of metal dusting on alloys 602CA and 800
                                    M Mulaudzi, Mintek

14:45 - 15:00              Manufacturing of anhydrous zirconium tetrafluoride in a batch
                                     reactor from plasma dissociated zircon and ammonium bifluoride
                                     M M Makhofane, J L Havenga, J T Nel, W du Plessis and
                                     C J Pretorius, Necsa

15:00 - 15:30               Afternoon Tea

Session 4:

15:305 - 15:45             Acid removal of naturally occuring radioactive material from
                                     F Koko, W Purcell and J T Nel, University of Free State
                                     and Necsa

15:45 - 16:00              TEM studies of quaternary Pt-based superalloys
                                     M B Shongwe, L A Cornish and M J Witcomb, University of
                                     the Witwatersrand

16:00 - 16:15              On the laboratory production and thermomechanical processing
                                     of conventional class B and class C alloy used for rail wagon
                                     wheels-A comparative study
                                     S Moema, M R Motadi, A Kapito and M J Papo, Mintek

16:15 - 16:30              Stress-life response of commercially pure titanium components
                                     shaped by various forming processes
                                     H Fidder, A Els-Botes and P J McGrath, Nelson Mandela
                                     Metropolitan University

16:30 - 16:45              Day Closure

16:45 - 17:45              AMI Forum Meeting

18:00                           Cocktail Function

                                                             Day 2:
                                                      13 October 2011

07:30-08:30                   Registration and Coffee

08:30-08:35                   Welcome-Conference Chairman
                                        Dr J T Nel, NMDN co-ordinator (Chief Scientist), Necsa

Session 5:

08:35-08:55                   Opening address
                                        Dr Z Vilakazi, Group Executive: Research and Development,

08:55-09:45                    Keynote Address
                                        A nuclear power future for our planet 
                                        Dr K Kemm (Nuclear Physicist), Stratek, Business Strategy

09:45-10:25                    Keynote Address
                                         Dr H Muta, Osaka University, Japan

10:25-10:50                    The manufacturing of plasma dissociated zircon (PDZ) via a
                                         non-transfer arc process by utilizing 3 X 150 kW DC plasma
                                         J L Havenga and J T Nel, Necsa

10:50-11:20                    Morning Tea

Session 6:

11:20-12:00                    Keynote Address
                                        Trends in the tantalum industry-a retrospective
                                        R Burt, Tantalum-Niobium International Study Centre

12:00-12:25                   Beneficiation of zircon sand
                                       S J Lubbe, Geratech

12:25-12:50                   Characteristic investigations of tantalum and niobium 
                                        A D Pienaar and L D Kock, Necsa

12:50-13:35                   Lunch

Session 7:

13:35-14:15                    Keynote Address
                                         Zirconium: From sea sand to nuclear cladding material
                                         J T Nel, J L Havenga, W du Plessis and C J Pretorius, Necsa

14:15-14:40                    Separation of niobium and tantalum by precipitation from
                                         homogenous solutions
                                         M Nete*, W Purcell* and J T Nel€ , *University of the Free
                                         State, € Necsa

14:40-15:05                    Gas phase fluorination kinetics of Ta2O5 with elemental
                                         B Vilakazi and A D Pienaar, Necsa

15:05-15:30                     Kinetics and thermodynamic parameters for the              
                                          manufacturing of anhydrous zirconium tetrafluoride with
                                          ammonium acid fluoride as fluorinating agent
                                          C J Pretorius*, W du Plessis*, J T Nel* and P L Crouse€ ,
                                          *Necsa and € University of Pretoria

15:30-16:00                      Afternoon Tea

Session 8:

16:00-16:25                      A study on the chelation preferences of zirconium(IV) with
                                          N-O-donor mulidentate ligands
                                          M Steyn, A Roodt and H G Visser, University of the Free State

16:25-16:50                     Speciation and interconversion mechanism of mixed halido
                                          O,O'- and N,O-bidentate ligand complexes of tantalum(V)
                                          R Koen, A Roodt and H G Visser, University of the Free State

16:50-17:00                     Day Closure

19:00                                 Evening Function

                                                                     Day 3:
                                                             14 October 2011

07:30-08:30                      Registration and Coffee

08:30-08:35                      Welcome-Conference Chairman
                                          Dr J T Nel, NMDN co-ordinator (Chief Scientist),Necsa

Session 9:

08:35-09:15                      Keynote Address
                                           Zirconium-not just a diamond in disguise
                                           C Skidmore, Minchem Limited, UK

09:15-09:55                       Keynote Address
                                           The Fukushima accident: Was zirconium the culprit?
                                           Prof J Slabber, University of Pretoria

09:55-10:20                      Purification of zirconium tetrafluoride to nuclear grade by
                                          vacuum sublimation
                                          O S Monnahela, W G Augustyn, J B Wagener, J T Nel and
                                          D Hudson-Lamb, Necsa

10:20-10:45                      Electronic transition effects in the Raman Spectra of zircon
                                          and plasma dissociated zircon
                                          M D S Lekgoathi and L D Kock, Necsa

10:45-11:15                      Morning Tea

Session 10:

11:15-11:55                       Keynote Address
                                           Zirconium and its alloys, their processing and development in
                                           Dr P Barberis, AREVA/CEZUS Research Centre, France

11:55-12:20                       Safety considerations when handling metal powders
                                            J Benson, CSIR

12:20-12:45                     _  A study of