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Light Metals Conference

Date 27 October 2010
- 29 October 2010
Location Misty Hills Conference Centre, Cradle Of Humankind, Gauteng
Location Misty Hills Conference Centre, Muldersdrift, Cradle of Humankind, Johannesburg
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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AMI in association with the SAIMM are hosting the

27–29 October 2010
Misty Hills, Muldersdrift

The Advanced Metals Initiative (AMI), supported by the South African Department of Science and Technology, facilitates research, development and innovation across the whole value chain in the field of advanced metals, with the goal of achieving optimal sustainable local manufacturing of value-added products. Its objective is to increase the downstream value-addition of local advanced metals in a sustainable manner through industry relevant research and development, technology transfer, and ultimately, commercialisation.

The four legs of the AMI are Light Metals (Titanium, Aluminium & Magnesium), Precious Metals (Gold & the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)), New Metals (Zirconium, Tantalum, Niobium & Hafnium) and Ferrous and Base Metals.

The AMI Light Metals Conference 2010 aims to bring together researchers, industry, and government stakeholders to share and debate the latest trends, research and innovative solutions in the field of light metals. It is intended to provide a forum for researchers and industry players to present the progress made over the past few years on the research and development, as well as application, of technologies for industrial applications of light metals.

Attendance includes stakeholders from the research and development community, private industry and academic institutions, both locally and abroad, providing to them a unique information sharing and networking opportunity.

On 27 October 2010 the event kicks off with a Student Seminar covering the full scope of the AMI, including Light Metals, Precious Metals, New Metals and Ferrous & Base Metals. Students are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity to share their work with their peers and to grow their presentation skills.

On the evening of 27 October 2010 a Cocktail Reception Function will be held for all delegates to the Conference.

The Light Metals Conference 2010 formally starts on the morning of 28 October 2010 and runs through to the afternoon of 29 October 2010.

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The Conference Organising Committee would like to thank the following institutions for their support and sponsorship:

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Companies wishing to sponsor or exhibit should contact the Conference Co-ordinator

Jacqui Van Der Westhuizen
Conference Co-ordinator
SAIMM, P O Box 61127

Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923

Co-ordinator Email:


Organising Committee 

Conference Committee Chairman
Dr. Willie Du Preez, CSIR

                                       Dr. Oliver Damm, CSIR                                                           Mr. Duncan Hope, CSIR
                                       Mr. Neels Babst, CSIR                                                            Mrs. Ummesha Naidoo, DST 
                                       Jacqui van der Westhuizen, SAIMM                                      Raymond van der Berg, SAIMM



Technical  Committee 

Dr Willie du Preez,
Manager: Metals & Metals Processes, CSIR (Committee Convenor)

Dr Hilda Chikwanda,
Research Group Leader, Metals & Metals Processes, CSIR

Dr Oliver Damm,
Light Metals Development Network Co-ordinator, CSIR

Prof Deon de Beer,
Executive Director: Technology Transfer and Innovation, Vaal University of Technology

Prof Dimitri Dimitrov,
Industrial Engineering, University of Stellenbosch

Prof Madeleine du Toit,
Head of Department: Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Pretoria

Dr Sagren Govender,
Research Group Leader, Metals & Metals Processes, CSIR

Prof Danie Hattingh,
Mechanical Engineering, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Prof Rob Knutsen,
Director: Centre for Materials Engineering, University of Cape Town

Dr Johann Nel,
New Metals Development Network Co-ordinator, Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa

Prof Phuti Ngoepe,
Director: Materials Modelling Centre, University of Limpopo

Dr Jones Papo,
Ferrous & Base Metals Development Network Co-ordinator, Mintek

Dr Elma van der Lingen,
Precious Metals Development Network Co-ordinator, Mintek

Dr Willem van Niekerk,
Executive General Manager, Corporate Services, Exxaro

Mr Dawie van Vuuren,
Research Group Leader, Metals & Metals Processes, CSIR

Dr Yoko Yamabe-Mitarai,
Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan


Registration Fees



Delegate Registration Fee
(Registration fee includes accommodation)

R 6 400-00

Please note:
Non-members are entitled to free membership of the SAIMM, up to 30 June 2011, for attending this event

Registration Fees:

Please Note:
Registration fee includes accommodation
Prepayment is required for all Registration Fees on or before the date of the event.
Delegates who have not paid will not be permitted to attend the event 

Conference Registration form may be downloaded from the download section below




The conference will be hosted at the Misty Hills Conference Centre, which is located in the Cradle of Humankind in Muldersdrift.

For more information

Please Note:
Registration fee includes accommodation
Conference Registration form may be downloaded from download section below

Call for papers

The host of the AMI Ligtht Metals Conference 2010, the CSIR, is pleased to invite you to submit papers on the latest research and development (R&D) related to light metals. Industry sectors of special interest for the application of light metals are:

Power generation
Chemical processing.

Papers could deal with R&D and technologies in areas such as primary metal production, metal powder processing,
advanced casting processes, joining, high performance machining, forming and forging. Supporting competences,
such as physical metallurgy, simulation and modelling, mechanical and physical property characterisation and
commercialisation could also be addressed.

The Conference is being organised by The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and papers are invited for the Conference.

Prospective authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of their papers, in English. The abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and should be submitted to:

Conference Co-ordinator,
Jacqui van der Westhuizen
SAIMM, PO Box 61127, Marshalltown 2107
South Africa.


Conference Co-ordinator
SAIMM, P O Box 61127

Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923

Co-ordinator Email:


Key Dates

14 May 2010                     Submission of abstracts
14 May 2010                     Authors notification on acceptance of abstracts
31 May 2010                     Full paper submission
31 July 2010                      Peer review feedback to authors
31 August 2010                 Final paper submission
30 September 2010           Closing date for registration
27–29 October 2010         Conference




All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings in CD-ROM format. Selected papers will be
published in the Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.




Listed below are titles of abstracts that have already been received:


Machining of Titanium from powder metallurgy
K. Sobiyi Kehinde, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stellenbosch University

Spectroscopic study of tantalum and niobium oxyfluorides
M.D.S. Lekgoathi and A.P. Pienaar, Necsa

Reaction of fluorinating gasses with tantalum and niobium pentoxide
A.D. Pienaar, Necsa

Rapid quantification of major and trace components of high purity zirconium metal by ICP-OES
S. Löttera*, L. Nkabitia*, W. Purcella*, J.T. Nell†, *University of the Free State and †PELDEV

Dissolution and analytical characterization of tantalite ore
M. Nete*, W. Purcell*, E. Snyders† and J.T. Nel†, *University of the Free State and †Necsa

A model for the kinetics of the reaction of zircon with ammonium acid fluoride enhanced by
microwave digestion

T.N. Nhlabathi, J.T. Nel, W. du Plessis, P.L. Crouse and C.J. Pretorius, The South African Nuclear
Energy Corporation

Computational modelling of Ti-doped zirconia surfaces
H.R Chauke, P. Murovhi and P.E Ngoepe, Materials Modelling Centre, University of Limpopo

Laser Surface Alloying (LSA) of Aluminium AA 1200 with Nickel powder
A P I. Popoola, S L Pityana, T Rutlokoane, Tshwane University of Technology Center for Scientific
and Industrial Research – National Laser Centre

Investigation and identification of various Tantalum(V) complexes for the possible separation of
and Tantalum
Renier Koen, Hendrik G Visser and  Andreas Roodt, University of the Free State

Synthesis of model Niobium(V) complexes for the possible separation of Niobium and Tantalum
Miss L Herbst, H G Visser, A Roodt, University of the Free State

A coordinative and behavioural study of mixed halido and N-O-donor multidentate ligand complexes
Zirconium (IV).
Miss M Steyn, H G Visser and  A Roodt, University of the Free State

Complex Formation of Hf (IV) with O, O’- and N, O- Bidendate Ligands
J Augustinus Viljoen, H G Visser and A Roodt, University of the Free State

Monte Carlo simulation of Pt-Al thin film diffusion
R A Harris, E van der Linen, H.C. Swart and J.J. Terblans, Mintek & University of the Free State

Investigating the characteristics of hydrogen induced cracking of forgings in HS2 environments  
J Jonck, M du Toit and D Slabbert, Mintek and Unversity of Pretoria

Semi-empirical study of the thermochemical properties of intermetallic phases in Nb-Pt and Nb-Ru systems
A M Ukpong, L A Cornish,R Süss, and A Watson, University of the Witwatersrand Mintek, University of Leeds

Structural and elastic properties of binary PtTi high-temperature shape memory alloys by ab initio technique
R Mahlangu, B M J Phasha, H R Chauke and, P E Ngoepe, University of Limpopo & CSIR

Assessment of Microstructures in the Development of Pt-based Superalloys
M B Shongwe, B. Odera, S. Samal, A.M. Ukpong, R. Süss, L.H. Chown, G.O. Rading and
L.A. Cornish, University of the Witwatersrand

Machining of high performance aerospace metals
M Kernick, University of the Witwatersrand



Titanium: The innovators metal. Historical case studies tracing titanium process and product innovation
S.J. Oosthuizen, CSIR Materials Science & Manufacturing

Phase transformations during sintering of mechanically alloyed TiPt
S. Nxumalo, C. Machio and H.K. Chikwanda, CSIR

Effect of process control agent (PCA) on the characteristics of mechanically alloyed Ti-Mg powders
C. Machio, H.K. Chikwanda, S. Chikosha, CSIR

Additive manufacturing: Characterization of TI-6Ai-4V alloy intended for biomedical application
M.E. Ramosoeu, A.S. Bolokang, H.K. Chikwanda, T.N. Ngonda, G Booysen, CSIR & Central University Of Technology

In search of low cost titanium: the fray farthing chen (FFC) cambridge process
S.J. Oosthuizen, CSIR Materials Science & Manufacturing

Leachability of nitrided ilmenite in hydrochloric acid
D.S. van Vuuren and J.J. Swanepoel, CSIR

Nitriding of ilmenite and high-grade slag fines
D.S. van Vuuren and G. Tshilombo, CSIR

Titanium production via metallothermic reduction of TiCl4 in molten salt: Problems and products
D.S. van Vuuren and S. Oosthuizen, CSIR

Experience and results from running of a 1 kg Ti scale Kroll reactor
L. Hockadaya and K. Bisaka, Mintek

Evaluation of Tool Geometry and Process Variables in Ti-6Al-4V Friction Stir Welds as a Function of
Macrostructure and Static Strength
D.G. Hattingh, M. Mashinini, and H. Lombard, Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University

Characterising the bending behaviour of 2D laser formed Titanium (Grade 2) sheet material
P.J. McGrath and A. Els-Botes, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Corrosion fatigue performance in simulated sea water of aluminium 6061-T651 welded using
ER4041 filler wire
K. Mutombo and M. du Toit, CSIR and University of Pretoria

Reduce the amount of non value adding aluminium alloy required to produce parts by high pressure die casting
using high temperature die manufacturing material
M.F.V.T. Pereira, M. Williams and W.B. du Preez, CSIR

Fluid bed chlorination pilot plant at Mintek
A. Kale and K. Bisaka, Mintek

Rheological assessment of Titanium MIM feedstocks
J.M. Benson, W. Richter, B. Berger and H.C. Chikwanda, CSIR

Use of equimolar l-cysteine/ascorbic acids to separate MCP synthesized Ti-Mg inherently mixed with
waste powders
T. Mushove, S. Ndlovu, H.K. Chikwanda, and C. Machio, CSIR

Mechanical properties of SSM-HPDC A201 and A206 in different temper conditions (F, T4, T5 and T6)
E P Masuku, H Möller, U Curle, R Knutsen, G Govende, CSIR, UCT

Producing Ti powder for metallurgical consolidations using the HDH process
Xolisa Goso & Aditya Kale, Mintek

Solidification path of an Al-Zn alloy during semi-solid processing
Sarah Georgea and Robert Knutsen, University of Cape Town

Microstructure evolution in Ti-6Al-4V alloy during hydrogen dosing at elevated temperature
L A Matthews and R D Knutsen, University of Cape Town

The use of Titanium Hydride in establishing a Powder Metallurgy Process based on Mechanical Alloying
I.A. Mwamba and L. H. Chown, Mintek

Suitability of Layer Manufacturing Technologies for Rapid Tooling Development for Investment Casting of
Light Metals

D Dimitrov, PA Hugo, University of Stellenbosch

Investment Casting of Large Complex Components – State of the Art and the Related Position of the
SA Foundry Industry

D Dimitrov, PA Hugo, University of Stellenbosch

Evaluation and Selection of Cutting Strategies in High Performance Machining of Titanium on the Example
of Aerospace Components

D Dimitrov, M Saxer, P Hugo, University of Stellenbosch

Structural and elastic properties of binary PtTi high-temperature shape memory alloys by ab initio technique
R Mahlangu, B M J Phasha, H R Chauke and, P E Ngoepe, *niversity of Limpopo,CSIR

Establishment of Rapid Prototyping/Additive Manufacturing in South Africa
D J de Beer, Vaal University of Technology



The following items may be dowloaded from the download section below:

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