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Mining, Environment and Society Conference 2015

Date 12 May 2015
- 13 May 2015
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Mining, Environment and Society Conference
Beyond sustainability-Building resilience"

12-13 May 2015 | Johannesburg

The evolving nature of the current mining environment suggests that there be strict environmental and social considerations as key components in determining mine profitability. Recent research on environmental and social risks and business costs in the extractive industry found that environmental issues were the most common cause of disputes, resulting in lost productivity. These environmental issues were centred on the pollution of, competition over and access to natural resources. International best practices and compliance standards have set the benchmark for mining companies together with national legislation. However, over time, the essence of these benchmarks loses meaning when they become 'tick boxes' for the industry to show sustainability. This appears to be the case currently. There is a need to take stock of what has been achieved thus far, recognise the changing nature of environmental and social impacts and consider ways of building resilient socio-ecological systems that include mining.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Companies wishing to sponsor or exhibit should contact the Conference Coordinator
Yolanda Ramokgadi
Conference Coordinator
Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923

The key objective of the conference is to get the relevant stakeholders within the mining sector together to:
- Re-invigorate the debate around mining and the environment
- Clarify and understand the evolving nature of new mining practices and
- Investigate whether there is alignment of national legislation with international 
  best practices and compliance standards as it relates to social and 
  environmental concerns
- Explore the interactions of the various stakeholders in mining transactions
- Develop a better understanding of effective stakeholder relations
- Understand mining's role in society and the development challenge it poses
- Consider the role of education in contributing to the environmental and social
   sustainability of mines
- Highlight leading-edge innovations in environmental and social impact 
- Share information

Who should attend
The conference should be of interest to anyone working in or with the mining sector, including government and civil society organisations. It would be of particular relevance to individuals involved in mine planning, sustainable development, environmental management, community and stakeholder engagement, mining research and legal compliance, and holding the following positions:
- Environmental Advisors, Managers and Specialists
- Environmental and Social Consultants
- Stakeholder Engagement Managers and Officers
- Community and Sustainable Development Officers
- Local Community Advisers and Representatives
- Legal Practitioners
- Officials from the Departments of Mineral Resources, Environmental and Water
- Mining-related Civil Society Organisations
- Mining Unions
- Researchers in the areas of mining policy, sustainable development
- Municipal officials from mining districts, especially those responsible for 
  managing integrated development planning frameworks

Papers are invited on the following list of topics:

Regional Planning / Landscape Approach
Cumulative impacts, more resources or resourcefulness
- Planning opportunities in the Waterberg
- Mining and biodiversity, including biodiversity offsets
- Natural capital accounting, valuation and accountability
- Mine closure and rehabilitation
- Environmental and social considerations in mine planning
- Risk assessment and quantification of environmental and social impacts
- Global change - climate change and urbanisation
- Sustainable mining infrastructure

Stakeholder Engagement
Social issues and expectations
- Mining and a youthful population
- Responsibilities of mining companies and government
- Community engagement
- The impacts of Marikana
- Benefit sharing

Regulation and Policy
Local vs. international best practices
- Integrated licensing
- MPRDA and NEMA amendments
- Incremental vs. Radical change in practice
- Social and Labour Plan issues
- The role of the National Development Plan for SA mining
- Resource nationalism and good international sustainability practice

Call for papers
The Conference is being organised by The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and papers are invited for the Conference.

Prospective authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of their papers, in English. The abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and should be submitted to:
Yolanda Ramokgadi
Conference Coordinator
Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923

Key Dates & Publication
28 November 2014      Submission of abstracts
05 December 2014      Acceptance of abstracts
16 January 2015         Submission of papers
12-13 May 2015         Conference

Please note:
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Selected papers will be published in the Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Registration Fees
Please note:
1) Non-members are entitled to free membership of the SAIMM, up to 30 June
    2015, for attending this event
2) Registration fee does not include accommodation
3) Prepayment is required for all Registration Fees on or before the date of the
4) Delegates who have not paid will not be permitted to attend the event 

Yolanda Ramokgadi
Conference Coordinator
Tel: (011) 834-1273/7
Fax: (011) 833-8156 or (011) 838-5923