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Business Transformation through BRIDGITALIZATION

Date Tue 5 September 2023, 10:00
Location Online Event
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No Time for Downtime – There’s Money in Minutes

Join us for a webinar on how to manage Operational Downtime to directly improve Bottom Line performance!
Tuesday, 5th September at 10h00

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The Challenge

Plant Managers of mining companies need to strive towards maximum productivity and profitability, while balancing their responsibilities in environment, safety and governance (ESG). Challenges experienced by most mines associated with Production Management include manual data capturing for production, material movement, quality and equipment downtime data. Minimizing time spent by operators on capturing plant downtimes manually should be a priority. We all know that money is made and lost in operations. 

Manual capturing of plant equipment downtime data often means incorrect start and end times are captured, there’s no interlocking reason and description fields, classifications and analyses are a challenge, which leaves room for a lot of misinterpretation vs. factual data in near real-time, while minimizing waste.

The Solution

A proven software solution for managing downtime and materials management can make the difference between growth and stagnation, visibility vs fumbling in the dark.

What’s required is total visibility of controllable time vs uncontrollable time, uptime, downtime, reasons for downtime, estimated repair timeframes and planned maintenance programmes, giving better decision-making ability, more control and cost reduction due to unexpected stoppages.

The goal is to reduce downtime hours and attain quantifiable benefits from reduced stoppages.

Tangible benefits can be quickly derived by being able to instantaneously identify and remove obsolete line items, and the ability to focus all attention on what is relevant and has tangible business impact on top and bottom line.

Join us on Tuesday, 5th September at 10h00 for a free webinar entitled:

No Time for Downtime – There’s Money in Minutes

Guest Speakers:

- Dilley Naidoo, Sameer Allopi, Martin Maeriën and Tshepiso Mapoulo