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Modelling of Slag Freeze Linings to Support Furnace Design and Operation

Date Wed 9 March 2022, 10:00
Location Online Event
We are no longer accepting registration for this event


Containment of high-temperature processes is a challenge faced by all pyrometallurgists. One method of protecting furnace refractories is to maintain a freeze lining of solidified slag between the hot slag bath and the refractory walls. When designing for and operating with slag freeze linings, it is helpful to have tools to assess the influence of different design, start-up, and operational parameters on safe containment, tapping, process stability, and process monitoring and control. This webinar will present different types of modelling that can be used to address different questions, ranging from thermochemical calculations and 1D heat transfer models, to process and multiphysics models of the furnace. We look forward to an engaging discussion after the talk.