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Pyrometallurgical modelling - now and into the future

Date 13 September 2023
Location Online Event
Resources Webinar-Pyrometallurgical modelling-04072023.pdf
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As pyrometallurgists we are limited in what we can observe, sample, and measure, which makes us dependent on calculations and estimates to design, operate, and improve high-temperature processes. In this talk we will look at what is possible, difficult, and impossible with various types of modelling today, and how it can help us during times of pressure and uncertainty. We will also look into the future, and see what is being developed, and what we expect will become possible in the future.

Johan Zietsman 15062022Dr Johan Zietsman has more than 25 years of extractive metallurgy experience, both in industry and academia, as well as software engineering related to extractive metallurgy. He is the founder and CEO of Ex Mente Technologies, a pyrometallurgy consulting and systems development company. In line with his research and development interests, he has an honorary appointment at the University of Pretoria, as Glencore Chair in Pyrometallurgical Modelling, where he guides Master’s and Ph.D. students. His interests in extractive metallurgy include pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes, thermochemistry, computational modelling, slag freeze linings, and new process technology development. In software engineering, he is involved in design and development of information systems, and software for process modelling, financial modelling, operational enhancement, and advanced process control. He has a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering from the University of Pretoria, and has published several papers at peer-reviewed conferences and refereed journals.

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