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3rd School on Manganese Ferroalloy Production

South Africa has the largest land-based manganese resource in the world. The Kalahari Manganese Field (KMF) is based in the Northern Cape Province. Although the ores mined are primarily exported, some are also smelted locally to produce manganese ferroalloys. In order to support the smelters, and foster collaboration between researchers in the field, the SAIMM successfully hosted two Schools on Manganese Ferroalloy Production in the past, the 1st in 2012 and the 2nd in 2016.

At the 3rd School, the conversation will be continued.

The SAIMM is honoured to have members of the PreMa Consortium as event participants. The PreMa project aims at demonstrating an innovative suite of technologies, involving utilization of industrial off-gases and solar thermal energy, to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from manganese production as a means to obtain sustainable production of Mn-alloys and steel. The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of European Union, and European and South African industrial partners. The seed for the PreMa project was planted during the workshop associated with the 2nd School in 2016.

The chairperson’s reports of the 1st and 2nd Schools are available at:

Results of the workshop hosted as part of the 2nd School are available at:

Information on the PreMa project is available at:

Target Audience

  • Local and international delegates from the manganese ferro-alloy industry or those who support them
  • Existing and potential future industry role players
  • Engineering companies
  • Research/academic institutions
  • Companies providing funding for new manganese projects

Keynote Speaker

Markus A Reuter 19122019

Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.mult Markus A Reuter


  • To create an opportunity for researchers and operators, to update their knowledge on the production of manganese ferroalloys.
  • To create a platform where researchers and operators can exchange views on the best practices for the production of manganese ferroalloys.
  • To create a platform for the PreMa project to disseminate the preliminary results of the collaborative research and obtain inputs from parties outside of the consortium.
  • To further enhance collaboration between parties.


  • Commercial production processes including overviews of manganese production in South Africa and in Europe as well as introductions to potential new projects.
  • Process fundamentals including fundamental thermodynamics, slag fundamentals, and reaction kinetics.
  • Operational aspects including raw materials, pre-reduction zone, cokebed zone, lining concepts, energy consumption, electrical current paths and resistance in furnace, and environmental considerations.


Gugu Charlie
Conference Coordinator  | +27 11 834 1273