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8th Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid Conference 2021

Date 07 March 2021
- 10 March 2021
The Vinyard Hotel, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
The Vinyard Hotel, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
The Vinyard Hotel, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
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The production of SO2 and sulphuric acid remains a pertinent topic in the Southern African mining and metallurgical industry, especially in view of the strong demand for, and increasing prices of, vital base metals such as cobalt and copper.

The electric car revolution is well underway and demand for cobalt is rocketing.

New sulphuric acid plants are being built, comprising both smelters and sulphur burners, as the demand for metals increases. However, these projects take time to plan and construct, and in the interim sulphuric acid is being sourced from far afield, sometimes more than 2000 km away from the place that it is required.

The need for sulphuric acid ‘sinks’ such as phosphate fertilizer plants is also becoming apparent.

All of the above factors create both opportunities and issues and supply chain challenges. To ensure that you stay abreast of developments in the industry, the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy invites you to participate in a conference on the production, utalization, safe transportation and conversion of sulphur, sulphuric acid, and SO2 abatement in metallurgical and other processes, to be held in March 2021 in Cape Town.


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