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Breakfast discussion on how mining companies can meet the supply chain requirements of the Mining Charter

Date Thu 14 February 2019, 08:00
- Thu 14 February 2019, 12:00
Location IDC, Sandown, Sandton
Resources MEMSA Announcement 14012019.pdf
MEMSA programme 14012019.pdf
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This event is aimed at creating awareness of new supply chain requirements as included in Mining Charter 3, and at creating capacity and capability in South Africa to be able to meet these requirements, whether this be for consumables, capital goods or services.

  • This raises a number of critical issues, such as:
  • Do local companies have the capacity and capability to deliver, in terms of both volume and quality, and after-sales service/support?
  • Will mining companies be able to comply with these targets, given the capacity and capability of local suppliers, and the risks and cost of switching?
  • What interventions (support) need to be configured for the targets to be achievable in 5y, including RDI, capex, opex and STEM skilling?
  • What is the role of international suppliers, and what are the impacts on them?
  • What is the legal position in terms of Charter compliance, as well as the compliance to B-BBEE Codes and the Act, in terms of supply chain development?
  • What alternatives could be configured in terms of both the miners’ local content targets and the supplier 26% minimum Black ownership?
  • How does this roll-out in terms of local industrialisation, especially with regards to local mining community development?
  • What are the implications in terms of the needs for human resource development and local OEM/SMME ownership, mentorship and development?
  • The establishment of the Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) as a Cluster, the already established South African Mineral Processing Equipment Cluster (SAMPEC), as well as the MMP are essential components of the driving of the delivery of local content, in this context.

Attendees at this event will therefore get insight into the answers to these questions:

  • The roles and objectives of the MMP, MEMSA and SAMPEC, and the assistance they can give; Likewise, the roles and support from the Council members and other mining companies
  • The implications for the South African economy, and the development of export potential for goods and services
  • The position of government, in terms of the DMR, the dti, the DPME DST, the DPME, and the IDC (EDD)
  • Participation in the development of a South African position paper on the strategic development of the local mining supply chain.


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