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Johannesburg Branch Event - Converter processing of platinum group metals

Date Tue 22 October 2019, 17:30
Location Worley, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Presented by Dr. Lloyd Nelson

About the presentation:
The presentation was first delivered at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Diamond Jubilee Celebrations as part of the ‘International Seminar on Converters’ held in December 2018. While the formal Trans IMM Journal Paper is specific to ‘PGM converting’, the presentation is specifically in a style that attempts to link ‘PGM converting’ with an audience more familiar with other non-ferrous converting, ferroalloy converting and steel converting. This being consistent with the stated aim of the international seminar ‘to bring about an exchange of process concepts … to develop a common platform for converters from both branches – non-ferrous and ferrous’.

The Johannesburg Branch of the SAIMM is pleased to provide a platform for the local presentation of one of the international papers, presented from the perspective of non-ferrous PGM converting.

About the presenter:
Lloyd has been with Anglo American Platinum since 2007, as Head of Smelting and Refining Technology, with responsibilities on Platinum’s four Smelters, ACP and Acid Plants, Rustenburg Base Metals Refiners and Precious Metals Refiners. Lloyd has been the global leader of the Centre of Pyrometallurgy Excellence for Anglo American (since 2010). Since 2016 this role expanded more formally as Head of Smelting and Platinum Refining and Lead of Pyrometallurgy, for Anglo American Group Processing to include technical oversight on the pyrometallurgical operations in Brazil (ferronickel), Chile (copper) and formerly Venezuela (ferronickel).