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Drilling and Blasting Short Course 2025



There has been a significant change in the explosives and initiating systems used in the mining, quarrying and civil blasting applications both on surface and underground. This course will provide and align the delegates with some basic principles, tools, examples and understanding of the leverage of these products. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned user or find yourself in the position of an explosive manager or supervisor to a regulator, the course will enable some debate, rules and questions you should be asking of your explosive OEM.
The importance of improved safety standards, cost effectivenessand productivity has driven mining management and operators to examine all facets of their operations. Increasingly it has been realized that an efficient drilling and blasting program can impact positively throughout the mining operation from loading to maintenance, hauling to crushing, ground support to scaling and grade control to recovery. We will also test the concepts and increasing challenges of blasting in the vicinity of local communities.