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MineSafe Mine Health and Safety Conference 2024

Date 06 November 2024
- 07 November 2024
Location Emperors Palace Convention Centre, Johannesburg
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The conference is centered on improving safety, health and environmental practices within the mining and metallurgical industry. It seeks to create a platform for knowledge-sharing and idea exchange among various stakeholders, including mining companies, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), Minerals Council South Africa, labour unions, and health and safety practitioners at all levels within the industry.

The main objectives of the conference are as follows:
Promoting Learning: The conference aims to facilitate a space where attendees can learn from each other’s experiences and best practices. This will help enhance overall safety and environmental standards in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Addressing Safety, Health, and Environment: The conference will focus on discussions related to safety and health issues within the industry, including the well-being of employees, contractors, and local communities. It will also emphasize the importance of reducing the environmental impact of mining and metallurgical processes.

Enhancing Relationships with Local Communities: Recognizing the significance of local communities, the conference will address the issues surrounding their relationship with mining companies. This can include
concerns about environmental effects, community engagement, and socioeconomic impacts.

Zero Harm Approach: The conference will highlight the importance of adopting a ‘zero harm’ approach to health and safety in the mining and metallurgical sector. This means striving for an injury-free and accidentfree workplace.

Value-Based Approach: A value-based approach to health and safety implies that these aspects are not just compliance-driven but are deeply ingrained in the organizational values and culture. This conference aims to encourage discussions and strategies to promote such a value-based approach.

Addressing Key Challenges: The conference will tackle major challenges in the mining industry, such as logistics, energy usage, and safety concerns related to employees, contractors, and communities.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders and sharing their expertise and experiences, this conference hopes to foster a safer and more sustainable mining and metallurgical industry. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and collective efforts to address the complex challenges faced by the sector.