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Mintek-SCi (Science Convention for Innovators)

Date 19 July 2024
Location Mintek, Randburg, Johannesburg
Resources MINTEK SCI Call for Abstracts_Posters 09042024.pdf

Mintek Invites Submissions for Mintek-Sci 2024: A Gateway for Emerging Talents

Mintek, in partnership with the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), is delighted to announce the Call for Abstracts for Mintek-Sci 2024 (Science Convention of Innovators), a pivotal event within the prestigious Mintek@90 programme.

Mintek-Sci 2024 serves as a dynamic platform for young researchers and postgraduates with a fervent passion for mineral and metallurgical innovation. This symposium is not just an ordinary gathering but a gateway for emerging talents to showcase their cutting-edge work and collaborate with industry experts to shape the future of the mineral and metallurgical sectors.

The symposium is designed to empower young researchers by providing them with an unparalleled opportunity to present their innovative ideas, research findings, and technological advancements. It fosters a conducive environment for knowledge exchange, networking, and mentorship, nurturing the next generation of leaders in the field.

As part of the Mintek@90 programme, Mintek-Sci 2024 aligns with the overarching goal of celebrating Mintek's 90 years of excellence while charting a course for the industry's future. The symposium's themes encompass a wide spectrum of topics crucial to the sector's advancement, including Energy, Emerging Technologies, Unlocking Resources - Ways of the Future, Environmental Practices, and Critical Minerals.

Young researchers and postgraduates are invited to submit their abstracts or posters in alignment with these themes. The selected abstracts will have the opportunity to be presented at the symposium, gaining visibility and recognition among industry professionals and peers.

Participation in Mintek-Sci 2024 not only offers a platform for showcasing innovative research but also opens doors for collaboration, mentorship, and career growth. It's a chance to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and technology in mineral and metallurgical innovation.

Visit our website for detailed submission guidelines and further information. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future in the mineral and metallurgical sectors. #MintekSci #Mintek@90 #Innovation