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Renewable Solutions for Energy Intensive Industry 2021




The Colloquium on Renewable Solutions for an Energy Intensive Industry will provide an overview of renewable technologies for electricity and process heat commercially available and currently under development. The workshop will host presentations from universities, research institutes and energy supply companies. Presentations from industry on renewable energy applications are also invited.

Global agreements to aim for less than 2°C global warming requires CO2 emissions to achieve net zero by 2060. Energy intensive industries are often criticized for lack of emissions reductions. In addition, carbon tax and its implications for industry necessitates an evaluation of alternatives to fossil fuel use. This colloquium strives to have an open discussion on the technologies available, the barriers to their implementation and how to overcome them.

Announcing PReMA project sponsorship of the Renewable Solutions for Energy Intensive Industry Colloquium:
The PReMA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 820561 to investigate solar thermal preheating technology in manganese ferroalloy production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption. Come fi nd out about these and other renewable solutions at the Colloquium.