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Rock Mechanics Conference 2018

Date 20 November 2018
- 22 November 2018
Grand Karavia Hotel, Lubumbashi DRC
Grand Karavia Hotel, Lubumbashi DRC
Grand Karavia Hotel, Lubumbashi DRC
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Rock Engineering Design Principles, Practice and Case Studies with Reference to Underground Mining

Seminar on Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

Welcome to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and to this seminar on rock mechanics. Held in Lubumbashi, on the copper belt, this seminar aims at showcasing successful geotechnical projects and practices in this mineral rich region of the world.

With a few exceptions, most mineral deposits in the DRC are currently being mined as open pits. However, as some of the pits are fast approaching the end of their operational life, there is a prospect of transitioning to underground mining in a foreseeable future. Old underground operations exist in the region, which are for the most part under rehabilitation waiting for production to resume. New greenfield underground mine projects are also seen.

While the theme of this seminar is more likely to be of interest to underground mine practitioners, it is relevant to some degrees to open-pit geotechnicians. Sound knowledge of rock engineering principles is essential to ensure optimum production in a safe mining environment whether in open pit or underground. During the seminar, the audience will have the opportunity to learn from an authorised mouth and be reminded of fundamental rock engineering design principles pertaining to underground mining, but most importantly to exchange experiences learned in dealing with rock engineering challenges in the region and beyond.

Lastly, the need to form a rock mechanics national group in the DRC has been identified to organise and improve the practice in the country. The implementation of such a group will also be discussed.


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