The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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In 1980 the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy instituted a prestigious award to commemorate Brigadier Stokes for his outstanding and unique contribution to the South African Mining Industry over a period of many years.
This award consists of a Platinum medal.

The award is made to an individual for the very highest achievement in the South African mining and metallurgical industry, and is not necessarily based on technical considerations.

As can be seen by the long list of illustrious recipients below, the nomination of an individual for this award is taken after much deliberation and input from the SAIMM Council. We therefore urge Corporate Members to take cognisance of the gravitas of this award when submitting their nominations.

Previous recipients have been:
1980 Mr H F Oppenheimer
1981 Dr William Bleloch
1982 Dr F G Hill
1983 Dr Austin Whillier (posthumous) 
1984 Prof D G Krige 
1985 Dr R E Robinson
1986 Prof M D G Salamon
1987 Dr T F Muller
1988 Dr W J de Villiers
1989 Dr R A Plumbridge
1990 Mr W G Boustred
1991 Mr P du P Kruger
1992 Mr E Pavitt
1993 Prof D A Pretorius
1994 Dr H Wagner
1995 Dr O K H Steffen
1996 Mr B E Hersov           
1997 Prof D W Horsfall (posthumous)
1998 Mr B P Gilbertson
1999 Mr L Boyd
2000 Mr A H Mokken
2001 Mr T L Gibbs
2002 J Ogilvie Thompson
2003 Mr P V Cox
2004 Mr H J Smith
2005 Mr P Motsepe
2006 Prof G T van Rooyen
2007 Dr D H Laubscher
2008 Prof T R Stacey
2009 Dr C J Fauconnier
2010 Prof C T O'Connor
2011 B C Alberts
2012 R P Mohring

Should you be aware of anyone who would be deserving of this award in 2013, would you please let me have your nomination, together with a short motivation supporting this nomination by not later than Wednesday 19 June 2013.

All previously nominated individuals will automatically be included for consideration for the 2013 award.

For more information contact:
Sam Moolla
SAIMM Manager
Tel: +2711 834 1273


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