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It was the first time that the Head of State, the President addresses the Mining Indaba in Cape Town recently. This emphasized the importance that he and his cabinet place on the future of the industry.

President Ramaphosa emphasized the need for all stakeholders to come together, to create a common vision of the future, and to work together to achieve it.

In doing so, he articulated the following ten principles.

  1. We must foster inclusive growth for all stakeholders where mining takes place. This includes employees, their families and surrounding communities.
  2. Mining companies should establish partnerships with local governments to address and solve local problems in municipalities and communities.
  3. Companies should invest in improving the living conditions of mine workers.
  4. Mining companies should invest in education and training, that allows mine employees and communities to transition to a new economy, aligned to industrial revolution 4.0.
  5. We should all create partnerships with education and training colleges to ensure curricular are modern and appropriate.
  6. We should not be afraid to embrace the principle of increased local beneficiation, to create downstream benefits and employment.
  7. We must collectively pat more attention to health and safety in the mining industry.
  8. We must constantly look to embrace the aspirations of the youth, by creating internships, job opportunities and local entrepreneurs and SMMEs.
  9. We must continue to priorities the representation of women in all levels of management, operations and boards.
  10. We must have the courage to include workers and their representatives in our boards.
    These principles should guide the direction of the Institute, to ensure that it contributes as a valued partner in the future of our industry. Let us all consider how we can contribute.

Alastair Macfarlane.

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