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Press Releasemauritanides

Mauritanides, the largest and only biennial mining and energy conference and exhibition held in Mauritania since 2010, has posted a strong 30% increase in sponsors & exhibitors compared to the previous 2016 edition. With one more month to go, the final number of sponsors & exhibitors is expected to surge to a record 50% increase, making this the most popular edition of Mauritanides to date.
This is testimony both to the attractiveness of Mauritania as a global energy and mining destination and the synergy between the new event organiser Spire Events (Singapore) and the co-organiser Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania.

Inaugural sponsors participating in Mauritanides

The 5th edition of Mauritanides has attracted inaugural sponsors which include major Mauritanian and international mining, energy and finance stakeholders. They are:

  1. Société Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier (SMHPM) / the Mauritanian Company of Hydrocarbons and Mining Heritage
  2. BP
  3. Maurilog
  4. Wafa Mining and Petroleum
  5. ExxonMobil
  6. Shell
  7. La Banque Mauritanienne pour le Commerce International (BMCI)

Returning sponsors are also key to the success of Mauritanides as they reaffirm the success and value of this event. Returning sponsors for 2018 include

  1. Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière (SNIM)
  2. Mauritanian Copper Mines
  3. Kinross Gold Corporation
  4. Supported by:
  5. Kosmos Energy
  6. Algold Resources
  7. Aura Energy

Expanding projects in the mining and energy sector in Mauritania

Mauritania is gaining global prominence for its mining and energy sector and the 2018 sponsors reflect the key stakeholders involved in the development of the country’s potential. Between them, they represent the key current and upcoming projects in Mauritania which include:

  • Tasiast Gold Mine
  • Tijirit Gold Mine
  • Guelb Moghrein Gold and Copper Mine
  • Tiris Uranium Project
  • Tortue/Ahmeyim Gas and other upcoming offshore gas projects

Mauritanides thus provides the dedicated platform for companies wishing to be a part of this growth. There will be plentiful opportunities to engage and network with key government and private sector stakeholders who will be attending and speaking at this event. It is also an ideal forum for individuals and companies who are looking to enter the Mauritanian market to learn about upcoming developments and opportunities in the country.

Limited spaces are still available for interested sponsors, exhibitors and delegates to sign up and be a part of Mauritanides. Enquiries can be sent to and more information can be found on the event website

Why invest in Mauritania

Mauritania has a stable and supportive government which is improving its governance to ensure transparency according to the global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) standards. Investor sentiments are high and international major companies, with the support of the government, have been entering into Mauritania to propel its long-term growth and development.

Background on Spire Events

Spire Events is a Singapore based events company that has conceptualised and organised the global Mining Investment Conference Series since 2015. From the inaugural Mining Investment Asia Conference in Singapore, the series has expanded to its current line-up of 11 Mining Investment Conferences across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and Latin America and Africa. Spire Events also launched a new MiningTech Conference Series in Chile in 2018 to focus on the role of technology in mining. MiningTech Conferences will continue in South Africa, Chile and Australia for 2019. The full calendar of all Spire Events conferences can be found at

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